Fun job today. Customer took the cover off to “lube it” but it all came in jingling in a zip lock. Its all good now. : Locksmith

I think you have to ask for the flair. I refuse to ask, because I prefer to earn the appellation with the golden quality of my locksmith-minutiae-laden posts.

The picture of the inside of that Schlage L94XX reminds me of my favorite factory screwup that illustrates the importance of putting these locks together exactly the way they came from the factory. That little plastic piece in the lower left that holds back the fire activated latch blocker… it’s mushroom shaped with the fat part towards the lock case cover. Back in ’03 or so we installed over 250 Omnilock locks on a high school. They used a modified Schlage L mortise lock that included a little electric motor at the top right to lock and unlock the hub. The company that modified them apparently employed a dodo who put the locks back together with that mushroom shaped plastic piece with the fat side first, then stuck the spring loaded latch blocker onto it afterwards, obviously because it’s easier than holding the blocker down and putting the plastic bit in after. It looks OK upon a cursory examination, but this little “assembly shortcut” started to bite us in the ass after a few years. Without the fat part of the “mushroom” holding it in, the door being used would gradually cause the latch blocker to walk towards the mortise case cover. Eventually, it reaches the gap between the cover and the end of the plastic piece and pops up, blocking the latch. This makes the door difficult to open from either side without forcing the handle very hard and deforming that piece. This event is particularly amusing when it happens to someone in a bathroom or other single door room. We keep thinking we got them all because there’s no incident for months, but then I had one do it last week.

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