Can anybody help me identify this key? The closest match I could find was a car key from a 2000 Honda Civic, but I don’t think it’s exactly right. : Locksmith

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I don’t think that’s for a ‘00 civic, the base where it’s blank is a lot shorter than what my key was.

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Recently got this antique door, and would love a key to match. What should I be looking for? (UK) : Locksmith

I have managed to lock & unlock successfully it with some other old but ill-fitting keys, so I’m guessing the lock mechanism itself is probably very simple. I’m looking for a replacement key that fits properly, but I don’t really know what I’m looking for. There’s a distinctive zig-zag shape – is there a specific name for this kind of key?

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How do I make this Corbin mortise lock match my other Kwikset locks? I don’t have the key for this lock. : Locksmith

All my other doors have the newer type of handles and deadbolts, all of which are kwikset and match each other. I’m trying to make this mortise lock on our front door match the kwikset keys.

I was not given a key to this lock by the previous owner. At the moment we only use the deadbolt on the door, which is the same matching kwikset key as our other doors.


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Recently got a dodge truck the only problem is that it has no key. Pulled the doors lock cylinder but the only problem is that I don’t really have a locksmith around me. I had someone tell me to buy a few blanks and file them till I get a good match. Any tips on how to do this? : Locksmith

If you’ve never done it in your life, you’re better off just buying replacements with keys. As for instructions on how to file a key, I’m personally not too keen on revealing that information to non-locksmiths. I’ll let someone else handle that should they choose to.

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