Master Key/ matching master key to a new lock ???? : Locksmith

So I recently lost the key to my front door. I contacted my landlord, who told me he only had a master key, no spare keys. He suggested that I have my roommate, who was out of town for several weeks traveling for work, send me her key and I could go to a locksmith and replace it. I didn’t do this, I guess because I’m lazy, and also because I wanted to be able to lock my door when I went to work that week. Instead, I contacted a locksmith, had him come to my apartment, I asked him to just replace the key, that I didn’t need a new lock. It was probably just a miscommunication, but the locksmith replaced the entire lock, I didn’t realize the until my roommate returned and her old key didn’t work. I contacted my landlord again and told him about what happened, and he told me to have the locksmith come back to my apartment, he’d meet us there, and have the locksmith “match the lock/ rekey the lock, to his master key”. I know this is super long winded, but is this even possible? I have no clue what a master key is, and I have no idea how I’d go about explaining what I need to the locksmith. If anyone could clarify this for me, that’d be really great! Thank you!

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Replacement key or find a new matching lock? : Locksmith

I removed this lock from an internal door in our house; we’ve never had a key for it but I’d like to be able to lock this door. Am I best off getting a locksmith to cut a new key for the door or just searching for a replacement lock of a matching size online? I’ve struggled to find anything matching the size (I’m in the UK), but it may be that I’m not looking in the right place, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. In particular, the top of the keyhole is slightly offset from the spindle hole, which seems to be unusual.

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