HELP! This just happened and were locked in. Any ideas? The latch fell off and it’s stuck in the lock position. I’ve tried releasing the mechanism with a screwdriver but no luck. : Locksmith

Find a reputable local locksmith. Do NOT call a national company or some scammy company that come up on Google Ads.

Tell them the snib fell off your night latch and you would like the door opened and latch replaced. It’s easier if you can let them in a window or back door, but if not they’ll neatly drill through from the outside to release it and then replace everything.

Unfortunately, on a Friday night, it’s likely to set you back £200+, but trust me when I tell you this is the best way. Your picks and tension wrench aren’t going to do shit.

Also, I’ve just noticed the scraping on the latch bolt. Chances are your hinges are bent or incorrectly fitted. If the locksmith points this out and offers to rectify, pay the man. In the long run, it’s worth it.

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This lock mechanism on our new t handle won’t stay in. After installing it no matter which way I turn and push it always comes out. How can I fix this? : Locksmith

……..Wow, nobody knows shit in this thread. You need a hook lockpick or a ‘control’ key to depress the back retaining wafer when the cylinder is pushed into the housing, this allows for it go to deeper and have the retaining wafer be locked into the housing, you may have to unlock/lock the device to get the right timing.

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I need help please. Is it possible to change this entire mechanism out on this garage door? I believe someone stole my key today because I left it on the lock by accident like an idiot. : Locksmith

It is a wafer lock, we typically call the device a T-handle. Sometimes you might have a retaining wafer, usually this stuff is just sealed at the factory and a replacement is more economical.

The T-handle could be held in place by screws from inside the door, or rivets.

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