Haven’t been able to identify what these things are. I’m thinking they could be part of an old lock mechanism? I will put more info in comments. : Locksmith

I found them while metal detecting in the yard. the house was built in late 1800s and there used to be an old hotel back then very close to the house. they were not grouped together, more sparsely spread out across the yard. they are very lightweight metal and i can’t bend them with my hands.

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Cannot access the other side and apparently the locking mechanism is broken inside and the handle doesn’t turn all the way. I tried putting a small screwdriver into the pinhole to try to get the door knob off and can’t get anything to release. Please help. : Locksmith

That’s definitely for a detent, not a set screw. This is probably a Defiant or some other cheapo knob.

OP: The detent probably isn’t in line with that little hole so to be able to press it you will likely have to rotate the knob CW or CCW in order to be able to push it in.

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Larson Screen Door handle mechanism broke in door. Door will not open. : Locksmith

The mechanism that appears to move the latch on my backyard screen door appears to be broken. Whenever I move the door handle it moves about 1/3 of it’s full extension. I took the door handle apart thinking I’d be able to jimmy it open, but it wont budge. There are no interior hinges that I can remove. They’re actually on the outside, but they’re behind a metal panel that’s inaccessible.

I’m really not sure how I can get this open without breaking the door down. does anyone know how I can get this open? Here’s some photos:


I think this is the door handle:


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Grandfathers Microscope that I haven’t seen in 30 years. I think this is the key. It has a bit of spring when it turns, but won’t open. Bad mechanism, bad key… who knows. Need some guidance, so I can share it with my kid as my parents did with me. I do have a 3d printer… just sayin. : Locksmith

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I tried all locations with it… doesnt seem to make a difference. I did notice that the little metal piece that the key goes over is loose and wiggles. I was wondering if that can be tightened and could cause a problem?

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1952 Cadillac ignition. I just learned how to pick and remove the ignition on older GM locks. Very fun job to tinker around with and learn. The sidebar in GM locks is one hell of a mechanism for the 50s! : Locksmith

what is truly amazing is GM used very similar ignition switches up thru 1990 on P30 vans.


the flats for the D shaped hole are in different spots on the later versions. but there is enough room to file a new flat to keep the alignment. the connector pigtails have a slightly different shape but the terminals can be moved easily from the early connector body to the new connector body without having to recrimp them.

working in a cadillac restoration shop in the 80s.. the bosses had a big box of GM keys . they would get a car in and find keys that fit and leave the keys with that car.. cutting down on the box of keys.. i finally got them to let me figure out the depths and cut new keys by depth and put the originals back in the box..

somebody threw away my list of 102 try out keys for GM locks decades ago. long before i worked at the caddy shop.. at one time in the late 80s, we had 7, 59 Eldorado Biarritz convertables in the shop for restoration .. just thought i would share..

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