Had some downtime today – kit was left a mess by someone and not restocked : Locksmith

I had to borrow annother shops Corbin russwin .003 kit for some lfic cores. I don’t know who’s bright idea it was but someone decided to make all the pins the same God damn color. It took me 3 days to realize how contaminated the pin kit was. The lfic top pins and core pins have to be put in there and the cylinder replaced, you can’t just put the key in and eyeball it like with cylinders. So I’d pin it up, core key wouldn’t work. Empty it out and check my pin chart, start over. Doesn’t work. Empty it out, start over. I must have pinned it up a dozen times before it actually worked.

I have a cheap set of calipers from home Depot and they’re not accurate to .001 like they say they are so they were no help.

Sorry for the rant. It was frustrating as all hell and no one else would understand.

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