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Hello everyone:

We had a customer come in on Friday to get a transponder key cloned. I was on my way back from doing the deposit, so the bosses wife was handling it. When I came back, she passed it off to me. She had cut the transponder key and I was going to clone it. When I put it in the cloner the dreaded (to me) message came up: WRONG TRANSPONDER.

The key she had used was one of the ones with the built-in transponder. I cloned it to one of the keys with an insertable transponder and it cloned fine. I cut the key, went out and tested it, and it worked fine. Customer paid and went on his way.

This got me wondering, is there anything that can be done with one of these used transponder keys? I mean, the key is kind of toast now because the transponder was a permanent type and the key was cut, but what about the kind with an insertable transponder? Is it possible to remove the transponder and reset it? I’ve only used the plastic chip transponders but we have some of the glass ones as well. I’m guessing that the key that was cut is kind of useless now, unless I just hold on to it forever when a possible rekey job that requires this particular key and transponder combination comes up.

Sorry if this doesn’t make sense…

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