2001 Dodge Dakota BCM / CTM Module remote programming : Locksmith

My truck was setting off the alarm randomly when I’d go to unlock it with the remote or manually about every other time. So after researching it on various forums, people seemed to recommend swapping out the BCM or as Chrysler calls it the CTM. I bought a used one online. Some people didn’t need to do any programming for their key fobs, others did have to program. Right when I swapped out the module, the key fobs no longer worked. The car starts, the key does not have a transponder in it (is not chipped).

After researching, people said that I need to have my remotes programmed to the new (used) BCM module. I had an auto lock smith try this, but his equipment couldn’t communicate. He said try the Chrysler dealer. I called them, they said its iffy if they can program a used module, and new modules are out of production. I talked to other auto lock smiths, I’m getting mixed answers, no one seems to know exactly what they are talking about. Chrysler dealer wanted $164 and said they need to reflash my module with my VIN or something. And good chance it won’t work.

Can someone speak with confidence as to what I need to have done, and what kinds of tools are needed?

Edit: Here is the main thing I’ve been following in my quest to resolve this issue: https://dodgeforum.com/forum/1st-gen-durango/244491-01-durango-alarm-keeps-going-off-2.html#post3277453

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