My friend is locked inside her flat, landlord isn’t answering calls. Any ideas of what to do would be really appreciated! Apparently it’s just completely stuck, she can’t move the handle bit or the latch thing (technical terms I’m sure!) : Locksmith

Common fault with these. If the snib (small button-like thing) won’t move, there’s nothing she can do except call a locksmith. They will drill from the outside, release and replace. If it’s ground floor, they should try to climb through a window and do it from inside as it will save the cylinder.

You friend should take a video that shows it’s jammed and screenshot her phone’s call log to prove that she attempted to contact the landlord.

Expect to pay a total of £150-£200 or so to have this done tonight. It should all be recoverable from the landlord but if you have trouble with that, post on r/legaladviceuk

Make sure you get a full price over the phone from the locksmith and follow the advice in the sidebar to see how to find a good one. Easy to quote this from photos so don’t put up with any nonsense from people that tell you they have to wait until they are on site.

(I’ve assumed UK, judging by the your lock)

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Pins move too much?

Long story short I had to disassemble a lock to remove a broken key and wound up pulling the plug out. I've got all the pins in the correct hole but when I put the plug back in I can't get the key in. It seems like the key pins are moving too much and hitting the inside of the bible. Key works in another lock that's pinned the same. Any advice would be appreciated.

Edit: For everyone saying it's in backwards.

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Exterior steel door, door knob won’t move, stuck latch : Locksmith

Ooops. I wrote up a whole thing and lost it when I posted. Awesome!

Let’s see. Steel basement door stuck, last time I closed it was hard to close. Basement door goes to concrete stairwell, and maintenance was recently done and bits of concrete are inbetween the door and a couple inches of concrete that go a couple inches up the door.

Door knob wouldn’t move, looking at latch, it looks like it’s at a bad angle, which is why I suspect the concrete issue. Before I tried clearing concrete, I removed the door knob (stupid idea…). I tried to mess with the inside parts, but no luck.

How can I get this unstuck so I can open the door and either put back in the door knob or buy another one.

edit: one of the pictures has the door bolt in lock position. I know. That’s not why the door won’t open, just in case any one wants to be a comedian 🙂

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