Looking for some help, I pulled this lock off an old safe and the key has been stuck in there since I got it. I dont know anything about locks, but I would appreciate some help if anyone knows how to fix this. The key moves in about 1 mm and wiggles left to right maybe 2 mm. : Locksmith

These camlocks are pretty cheap. The one you have there is referred to where I am from as a gem lock (Ace is some places) Chicago is my go to manufacturer for cutting keys to code. 7 pins in a radial fashion. If you really want to pull it apart, remove that brass plug in the middle of the housing. I find it easiest to drill a hole in the middle of the plug, force a cam screw into the hole and then lever it out with a set of side cutters. Shit will go everywhere. I give these to my 1st year apprentices for some character building. Locks sell for about 8 dollars. We only disassemble and rekey these if they have 50+ locks. Key will only be removed in one or two positions depending on how many cut aways it has for the notch on the key.

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