Does the number of contours in the key make the lock any more or less secure? : Locksmith

I just bought new doorknobs and locks for an old house and I had considered just keeping the new keys that came with them since I have no idea the last time the locks were replace and how many keys may be out there.

Looking at the new key it looks like 1/2 of the key is practically flat, which I assume means that the pins just go most of the way up.

Does this make the lock any less secure to someone who would pick it?

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I’m trying to find the manufacturer or model number of this lever/deadbolt combination : Locksmith

Here are the images:

I’ve been searching quite a bit online but can’t seem to find the correct keywords. The lever turns to open the door and a separate mechanism on the top has a key and bolt to lock it. The lever itself has no key or lock. I can’t seem to find any identifying markings like a serial number or model number.

The closest thing I’ve found is the following:!c958976803!a48758831718!dc!ng&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI3Yv556W96AIVibWzCh2xfQHcEAQYDCABEgJaCvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

However this is clearly wrong for a couple of reasons.

How can I go about trying to find the maker of this lock?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give!

Edit: I found another one that looked closer but still isn’t quite right:

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Can anyone help me identify the part number of this core? I don’t see anything like it in the Schlage Key Systems Catalog. Standard 6 pin core. Thanks for any help! : Locksmith

It looks like a regular 6-pin Schlage or aftermarket cylinder. The tailpiece with the hole in it and the other parts are part of the lock actuator. I’d guess it’s for some kind of padlock. The thin disk may be to prevent bypass through the keyway but that isn’t typically an issue with these cylinders as the tailpiece attachment prevents a probe from getting to the mechanism.

The core itself is nothing special. It’s the tailpiece and other hardware that is specific to that lock mechanism. Is it a Schlage brand lock or something else?

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