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A few days ago, I had problems with my Shaw Walker desk. The drawers would not open, and I needed to get things out from them. So I searched Reddit, and there was a post from two years ago that dealt with this problem. There are some misconceptions there that I can clarify from my experience fixing the desk. Also, since there’s little information on the topic in the internet, I’m posting this to share.

First, there is no anti-tipping mechanism. It’s simply a mechanical interlock that locks all drawers when the center drawer is pushed in and locked with key.

The way the desk is meant to work is similar to a filing cabinet. The side drawers have a spring loaded rotating bar that has extending arms. When the center drawer is pushed in, a lever rotates the bar and extends the locking arms. When the center drawer is pulled out, the lever disengages, and retracts the locking arms.

The problem arises when, after several years, the components begin to grind and rust together. So even if you pull the center drawer, the mechanism is locked closed. If you can’t pull the side drawers at all, there’s a small access hole directly underneath the rotating bar. The bar has a notch on it, so it can be manually rotated with a long flathead screwdriver. Once it disengages, the drawers can open.

Pull out the top side drawer completely, then tilt it up to remove it and have access to the rotating bar. The points of contact need to be lubricated with light machine oil or WD-40. Once they are lubricated, the rotating bar can freely engage and disengage without getting stuck with rust.

r/Locksmith - Shaw Walker Desk Won't Open: Instructions

Inside of drawer with rotating bar shown and lever disengaged. Top part is the lever and spring cam. Bottom part is the locking lever.

r/Locksmith - Shaw Walker Desk Won't Open: Instructions

Inside of drawer with rotating bar and lever engaged. The locking lever tilts toward the drawers and locks them in place.

To be sure, I lubricated all points of contact and now it works like a charm. These desks were made to last lifetimes, and I’d hate to see these being destroyed or wrenched open for not knowing how to maintain them. If you have a desk like this, you can do this simple fix.

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looking for good residential grade door closer with hold open arm : Locksmith

We have garage entry door that I want to top jamb mount a door closer to prevent loud heavy slams and prop open at 90degrees when loading groceries etc. Budget $150-250.

I’m weary of all the generic chinese junk on Amazon, so I’m looking for an actual part number reference from the pros. LCN looks like the gold standard but I think is overkill for my residential need. Stanley D1610? General lock? Any pointers on part numbers?

Also would appreciate a little help in how to buy them – the good stuff doesn’t seem easily accessible on amazon..? Maybe i’m wrong. I’ve seen sites like Anixter mentioned but seems involved like i need a quote/PO/make a phone call to purchase.


I ended up getting the Stanley D-1610PH 689 for $140 shipped since the top jamb would probably ram into my garage door rail.

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The spring isn’t pulling back the latch far enough to allow the door to open. I thought it would be easy to replace just that but the privacy pin is square because of it being a thumb lever type thing in the rosette. Need some help identifying parts to replace it. Antique door co was baffled. : Locksmith

Looks like one of those old National locks. They were designed to be replaced, not repaired, but the company went out of business a very long time ago. The National Cabinet Lock division is still around as NCL, but that won’t help with this.

I would just install a new privacy lock. The new locks are larger and will cover up the holes of the old one. I haven’t done residential work in years, but I think various brands make privacy locks with glass knobs.

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Have one of these keys been duplicated? I left one of them with people that I don’t 100% trust over the weekend. Both keys open the same lock. : Locksmith

I feel like the risk of that actually happening is pretty low. The few that possess that skill with consistency are locksmiths…. I don’t know common criminals that have this skill in addition to having key blanks and a cutter, the wherewithal to slog through all of his posts and narrow it down to a place and then go to his house and use that key to unlock it. Seeeeeems like a stretch to me. Not to mention there’s another key in that photo with the actual code stamped on the face… even then it’s still a stretch.

It’s a defiant lock… so it’s not like the lock was an impenetrable fortress to begin with.

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