My door can’t open from the inside what should I do? : Locksmith

They are pretty cheap mortice locks. The bolt is more than likely “half thrown” try and turn the key counter clockwise towards the hinges and then get some thin plastic or maybe even a spatula between the door and the frame to try and push the bolt open.

This usually happens with worn keys but slamming the door might also cause it if the springs are weak on the levers.

Give us an update mate.

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Open padlock ? : Locksmith

Hi , I have an issue and don’t know if you can help . We have a vacation house and we had a padlock for the external gate . My mother has changed the padlock because it was rusty but then due to an accident we lost the keys ( and she is still in the hospital after several months ) . My issue is that there is no locksmith for 100km ( it’s a rural area ) and nobody will come such a distance for only a padlock . Is there any way to open it though video call or any other easy way ? I don’t really want to do a locksmith course just for a padlock especially due to the situation we have a lot of other things to take care .

TLDR: need to open a padlock and there is no locksmith in 100km area. What to do

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I have this vintage curios cabinet that I can’t seem to open with a straightforward key. It has 4 keys for the 2 of them which are all the same. But none of them is working. Any ideas what I can do? : Locksmith

Yes, it definitely is the right key. the 4 keys are identical, and even peering through the keyhole, it looks the same. Looks fairly straightforward where the hole in the key fits into the round piece.

These are easily over 20 years old i reckon. It’s my mum’s.

I will try putting some lubricants. I did put some force when trying to open, but afraid of breaking it !

Thanks for the tip !

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Looking for help on how to open an old metal box : Locksmith

My mother got a metal box with several pictures and memorabilia (maybe some art supplies) from her father before he passed away in the 80’s. My mum recently found the box again, but has lost the key. So the box is about 50 years old, its made of metal, very heavy. I looked in the lock but to me it looked strange. I’ve added pictures here:

If anyone could please help me identify the lock and/or help me find a way to open it. It would make my mother very happy.

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