Options for a gate lock? : Locksmith

Hey everyone – I’m moving into a place that has a gate that uses a buzzer to open. The lock looks like a standard deadbolt that uses a key for both sides, and has a spring loaded latch that is always extended when you’re not turning the key. I’d like to be able to leave the gate unlocked sometimes – do I have any options? I see some of my neighbors force the latch to be pulled in using foamand zip ties, but I’m wondering if there is a more elegant solution.

Thank you!

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Service Vehicle Options : Locksmith

Hello fellow locksmiths, I have been working as a locksmith for a local company for around 7 years now and I am planning to go out on my own in the next few years. I am wondering if anybody on here is using the spacekap/maranda walk in truck toppers as opposed to the traditional cargo vans? Where I want to start a company will be in the mountains and having AWD/4X4 will be beneficial for the service area I would be in. Thanks!

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Deadbolt options for a rental house? 1.5 inch bore hole : Locksmith

Moving to a rental house and wanted to change the locks out and realized today that the bore hole is 1.5″.

Ideally I want a lock with a pin pad or something similar. Does anyone know locks like that that would fit? I’ve been looking for a couple hours and can’t find anything, but I might not be searching for the right terms. Maybe other options (adapters?)

I have the tools to drill a bigger hole but don’t want to do that if I can avoid it.

Thank you!

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What kind of door is this? What are my options for locks? : Locksmith

My landlord has this door installed in our office building. We had asked for a door to be installed in the landing of the second floor stairwell, and when he said “is it okay if you put in your own locks”, I stupidly assumed it would be a wood door. This thing has a metal strip running along the whole door that covers the door gap, and the mesh leaves not that much space for a standard doorknob.

I’m assuming I’ll have to make my own mortise cuts in the door, and find something that is intended to fit a door with a narrow stile, like you see in storefront doors.

Can you help me figure out what words to start googling?

Edit: thanks for the all the suggestions! I learned a lot about hardware for commercial doors. I’ll be talking to the city to get information about what I can and can’t do for fire code, and I’ll call a locksmith for anything more complicated than rim panic hardware (especially welding a gate box).

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