Locknetics CM993 panic trim spindle : Locksmith

This is a long shot, but I figured why not – I am working with some old Locknetics hardware on a medical facility, and on a few of the doors that have panic trim versions, the override key cylinder rotates but does not retract the latch. I found at least one missing the spindle in its entirety, so I wanna know…

Does anyone have these lying around somewhere?

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VD99 CVR panic with LFIC keyed digging unit question : Locksmith

Got a stuck key in one of these panic dogging units where it’s been over turned and is caught 180° the wrong direction. Fixed by taking the bar off the door but was a real bear in this situation. Anyone have any techniques they’ve been successful with to get it back around without disassembly? Ultimately it had to come off anyway to replace some pieces but it would have been much easier had I been able to get the key out first.

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Best solution to lock a panic bar from the inside? : Locksmith

I know, it doesn’t sound great trying to lock a panic door from the inside, but hear me out. I manage a dog resort that has 5 exit doors throughout the kennel. Three of the doors open to enclosed yards, so I am not worried about locking those. The other two open straight into the parking lot in front and the side street behind the kennel. It would be an absolute nightmare for an over excited or scared dog to get loose and jump up on one of those two doors and open it to the outside world. Absolutely a worst case scenario, but I want to prevent anything like that from even being a possibility in my kennel. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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Opinions on Panic Hardware

My shop uses Von Duprin 99 series most of the time. We often get objections about the cost. When you consider the trim and the mark-ups my employer charges, it ranges from 3k to 4k.

Has anyone used the 22 series? It would be logical that it is perhaps less durable, or somehow less desirable than the 99… But objectively, is the 99 better enough to justify the price?

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