How to stop parents barging into my room? : Locksmith

We have solid oak doors and they’re quite expensive. I need help in getting a lock or latch which will stop anyone from getting in, essentially allowing me to lock myself in my room whilst I’m in it without doing any damage to the door in the process. So no drilling or anything. I’m 18 years old and I need my privacy, but my parents don’t seem to realise this. Any suggestions on what type of lock I should get?

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Grandfathers Microscope that I haven’t seen in 30 years. I think this is the key. It has a bit of spring when it turns, but won’t open. Bad mechanism, bad key… who knows. Need some guidance, so I can share it with my kid as my parents did with me. I do have a 3d printer… just sayin. : Locksmith

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I tried all locations with it… doesnt seem to make a difference. I did notice that the little metal piece that the key goes over is loose and wiggles. I was wondering if that can be tightened and could cause a problem?

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