Long shot but is there anyway I can fix this myself? No part of the key is protruding. If not possible thanks anyway👍🏼 : Locksmith

You know what needs to happen – either you can wiggle it out or you can’t. Locksmiths have purpose made tools and experience that make it easy.

So you can pay for a locksmith and get it done quickly and cleanly or you can have a go yourself and you might get it out. Worst case scenario, you make a mess of it and still have to pay a locksmith’s fee plus £5-10 for a handle if you wrecked yours.

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Haven’t been able to identify what these things are. I’m thinking they could be part of an old lock mechanism? I will put more info in comments. : Locksmith

I found them while metal detecting in the yard. the house was built in late 1800s and there used to be an old hotel back then very close to the house. they were not grouped together, more sparsely spread out across the yard. they are very lightweight metal and i can’t bend them with my hands.

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Help identifying part : Locksmith

I’m looking for any help identifying what this part is, a supplier that might carry it, or a comparable lock that I can replace it with. Strybuc is my normal multipoint supplier and they didn’t give me anything useful although they’re still looking intriguing it. It’s some sort of multipoint lock and the only name I see on it is Tung on the trim. I remember seeing a door similar to this with Hoppe hardware that was technically window hardware so I don’t know if this is something similar. Long story short, the building management/original contractor/etc don’t know what these are so they asked for a bid. Pretty much if I can identify these things I get the contract for a 90 unit building. Although at this point, I’m starting to wonder if it’ll be worth it…

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