Confusing Pinning In a Screen Door Lock : Locksmith

Hi All-

We moved into our new home a year or so ago and never had the key to our screen door.

That said, I finally got around to pulling it apart to re-key it and have done so successfully.

However, the old pinning confuses me. It’s a KW1 keyway, yet the pins don’t appear to follow Kwikset sequences. I thought the pinning might be Weiser, but that doesn’t work either. Unless the pins are so out of tolerance, but I haven’t come across many examples that are ~.005″ or more off.

Here’s are the bottom pins that I pulled out of the cylinder:

  1. .220

  2. .220

  3. .247

  4. .275

  5. .247

The #1 and #2 pins could be a Weiser or a Kwikset #3. The #4 pin is almost definitely a Weiser #6. But the .247 pins in #3 and #5 confuse me. The nearest pins that I can find are a Weiser or Kwikset #4 (.240″).

Is there something I’m missing? Or did an amateur locksmith once live here?

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