Idk if this is the place to post but I need help quick. Can’t leave this place unlocked for too long : Locksmith

At the very least youll need tools required for keying up a lock. Then youll need knowledge on how to put it back together, assuming you have all the parts. Call a locksmith or replace the lock. If its not easily replaceable like a standard deadbolt, two screws on the back, then call a locksmith.

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Tried to get into my new place today and was wondering why the key wouldn’t go in… Have two other roommates and their keys are fine but they’re hours away : Locksmith

Yeah unfortunately one of my roommates was activated for National Guard and the other won’t be returning for a while, so I guess I’ll have to go to the locksmith. Luckily there’s a local locksmith right across the street from my current apartment.

But could you elaborate on the part where you said that it wasn’t my key? All of our keys look identical, that being they’re all Kwikset “Do Not Duplicate” keys, but mine is the only one that seems to be “coded” in reverse compared to theirs. We got in with one of the keys last week to go through a checklist of the place and I guess I chose the faulty key. We transferred our internet to this location too and I’m in need to set up the modem so I can take my finals this week haha.

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I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this lock? I found it while cleaning out my yard, and I don’t know where it came from or how old it is. : Locksmith

Yeah its a Yale, I’m gonna take a wild guess and say its a wafer lock. which isn’t too unusual but if your in luck it may be one those few unusual ones that has a push in – to open core (rather than turning), which might interest a lock collector or lockpicker to the tune of about £10 in good working order. The company has a great history though, Yale are a sound lock manufacturer and have been for about 180 years. The original Linus Yale perfected his fathers design and patented the first Pin tumbler cylinder lock, the kind we all use to day.

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The place I stayed at recently had the room lock cut this way

This key looked like hand filed and the room door lock must have had matching bitting, because it accepted the key.

The door did not open without the key fully inserted (did not open with just the tip inserted, or with a screwdriver).

I wouldn’t probably even notice if it wasn’t for the fact that the key could be retracted from the keyhole in any orientation, not only vertically. This is when I noticed the odd bitting.

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