At least they it wasn’t the deadbolt latch… Always amazes me how diyers do shit like this. Just call the pro beforehand. : Locksmith

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“I could’ve done that…”

If you could, why did you call me?

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August Pro for mortise lock : Locksmith

Does anyone know of a lock cylinder that has a tail piece like a rim cylinder but can simultaneously hold a cam to operate a mortise lock?

I am trying to install a August Pro onto a mortise lock (one that takes cylinders), so I need the mounting holes and the tail piece from a rim cylinder to fit the August, but I also need it to hold a cam to operate the mortise lock. I found one from Assa that is a good candidate (it has threads, mounting screws, a tail piece, and the ability to swap in a cam), but I’m not sure it can do both the cam and tailpiece simultaneously:

Or any other ideas on how to fit an August Pro onto a mortise lock that takes cylinders would be appreciated!

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