2012 NV2500 HD fob programming problem : Locksmith

I have searched every way I know to and have not seen anything like this problem or a solution to it.  If I am doing something wrong I don’t know what it is.  I have a total of 4 fobs.  2 old and 2 new.  Per the instructions, I enter the van, shut the door, press the lock button, insert key in switch at least 6 times until the emergency flashers blink twice, turn the key to ACC position, press the lock button on the remote.  To program each additional remote I press the unlock then the lock button on the door then the lock button on the remote, lights flash two times.  When completed turn key off, unlock door, exit vehicle…. when I press the lock button the horn blows off and on until I get in the van, start engine, and turn off the engine then remove the key.  What is going on?  Why is the van responding this way to the procedure?  Two of the remotes worked before the batteries died in them.

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Programming Newer Fobs to Older Models : Locksmith

I work at a dealership, and a customer mentioned how much he loved the new fobs and wished he had one for his older truck.

Would it be possible to program a 2014-2018 Sierra/Silverado fob to a 2007-2013 Sierra/Silverado? Same functions (Remote Start, (un)lock, alarm).

If this is possible, is this exclusive to this situation? Is this something that can be done with any other Makes/Models?

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Porche car all keys lost programming : Locksmith

How would your shop deal with HIGH END all keys lost?

. Today i had a call for a 09 porche cayane and everybody i talked to in town cant do it. I have a skp1000 and access to plenty of keys and a sec-e9.

A couple of hpc 9600mc and a high security duplicator thats it for machines.

What tools should i invest in? If it was for covid i would have been preparing for just cars fyi.

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[Help] Medeco XT Remote Wall Programming unit : Locksmith

Slightly OT, but I can’t find the information I’m looking for anywhere else.

I have come across a Medeco XT Wall Programmer (similar to the one here: https://www.reddit.com/r/lockpicking/comments/ew36gl/was_trying_to_find_a_medeco_xt_lock_and_key_and/), but it doesn’t have its power supply.

I need to know the voltage and amperage to supply to it. Its internals have no indications that I can find to point me in the right direction. Does anyone happen to know where to find what the power specs are?

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Help! 14 Nissan Altima programming issues : Locksmith

Hey! Programming a 14 4 door Altima and the ignition got stuck on, so we took the battery off to kill it, then reconnected it, then it started by itself and won’t turn off. No keys since I erased them on my smart pro to program them back in, and now we can’t shut the car off since it has no key. Security light is on and Smart Pro is continually saying “Procedure Failed” help!

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Thought you guys would like what the auto locksmith at our shop had to dig out today lol, all these guys “programming” keys with no real knowledge : Locksmith

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