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Hello everyone:

So I had a job last week where I went to replace a deadbolt at a local welding supply shop that had an attempted break in. The burglars tried to pry a steel door open, but it didn’t work. After that, they actually took a torch to the deadbolt for whatever reason, but it didn’t seem to do much, other than discolor the lock body. It still locked and unlocked fine, but it looked kind of bad. The lock appeared to be an older Schlage B500 series, maybe.

I ended up replacing it with a B600 series. However, due to a mixup with the new office girl, the customer was under the impression I would be installing some sort of guard to protect their new deadbolt, but I had no such thing with me. The customer and I agreed that I would find some type of guard and come back later to install that.

I was under the impression that a deadbolt doesn’t need to have a guard. Is this correct? Especially not a Grade 1 on a steel door that is properly throwing into a steel frame. Nevertheless, I want to make the customer feel secure so I’m looking for a good solution.

I was looking at the various Don Jo catalogs but it doesn’t look like there really is something meant to protect a deadbolt. Would something like the MLP, SLP, or ALP be appropriate in this situation? I feel like they are kind of big and might look stupid. They do have an entrance lever on the door as well, so maybe try and install on of those there, too? But that still doesn’t protect the bolt. I see there is something called ELP-200 by Pro-Lok, but that looks like it’s meant more for a latch although the description does mention deadbolt. A third option would be Deadbolt Lock Protector on BC Site Service but I’m not sure about that because they are Canadian. There is also some damage on the edge of the door where the would-be burglars attempted to pry the door open at, but this isn’t enough to warrant the use of a wrap plate, is it?

Anyways, what do you guys think would be the best solution for this door?

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