Housesitter pushed the buttons under the bolt on the edge of the door and locked herself out. Help?! Our pets need feeding! : Locksmith

This is our house, and the housesitter has a key that works, but the lock was sticky so yesterday when she left she pushed the little brass buttons that are on the edge of the door under the bolt thinking that this was an easier way to engage the lock. I had the door re-keyed a few months ago and I have a hazy memory of the locksmith showing me those buttons and saying DON’T PUSH THEM or you’ll get locked out! And then he showed me some way of turning the key and depressing the lever in some way that would disengage the buttons…but of course I can’t remember now.

We are not able to get back home til Monday and we have birds that need feeding. Can anyone here tell me how to tell her to get back in? I don’t even know if WE can get back in at this point. It would be great not to have to call a locksmith to meet us at our house to drill the lock out. We would be eternally grateful for any help!

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