Haven’t been able to identify what these things are. I’m thinking they could be part of an old lock mechanism? I will put more info in comments. : Locksmith

I found them while metal detecting in the yard. the house was built in late 1800s and there used to be an old hotel back then very close to the house. they were not grouped together, more sparsely spread out across the yard. they are very lightweight metal and i can’t bend them with my hands.

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Anyone know if this can just be put back together by a locksmith for $100 or less? : Locksmith

Honestly $150 isn’t unforeseeable, depends on the locksmith you go to, if you go to a regular run of the mill locksmith your looking at $150 easily. If you go to one that keeps and carries this kind of stock, your looking at well I can only gander less then $100.

My shop we would cut the key for $50 and that’s not including supplying the blank or moving the electronics, supplying the blank piece and moving the electronics on top of cutting I’d be charging close to $150 as well.

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WD40 on lock, should I put a different solution on it now that it’s already been sprayed? : Locksmith

I read that WD40 is not a lubricant but rather a solvent. Okay yikes, I’ve doused the key hole to my lock with WD40, my husband apparently didn’t know better either! I read that silicone based oil is a better choice? I’ve got a container of super lube (silicone oil) Would it be problematic for me for to use this after already spraying the WD40?

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Locksmith came to a fellows house drunk last night couldn’t pick it decided to drill the key way because he couldn’t drill the bottom so I put one straight through on the horizon. : Locksmith

Didn’t help that he wanted to pay Friday when he initially called me and I said no, the other locksmith agreed to being paid Friday, he borrowed the money and called and explained he didn’t know what he was doing because he never had a locksmith before so I explained that he couldn’t pick it so he drilled it and wrongly, then he was amazed that I did it in a few minutes and passed the mess he made. Upside I only charged him £60 and I said I will just call it a barrel change because I felt bad that he got swindled by a drunk locksmith. It was also a night call out.

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HELP, I just put in a new key into my doorknob at it got stuck.any advice?? : Locksmith

If the key is freshly copied from a place of business … there is a chance that they cut it incorrectly and it has a hook or no ramp which will trap a pin tumbler and makes it damn near impossible to remove.

Another possibility is you are trying to remove it in the wrong position. Make sure the key is straight up and down. (Unless the knob was installed incorrectly).

Was it a locksmith? Or just hardware store Walmart?

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