Virginia DCJS License/certification background search question. : Locksmith

TLDR at the bottom.

Does anyone here have experience gaining the DCJS License/certification in Virginia?

I’ve been looking into it recently and it from what I’ve seen it sounds like a certification that couldn’t hurt to have and going through the classes would benefit myself and in turn benefit my boss.

Now the tricky part is I know a fingerprint and background search are part of the program.

I have an underage possession of alcohol charge on my record from when I was 19, not concerned about that as I don’t see that causing me to be fired if my boss found out or barred from the license (please correct me if I am incorrect).

But at the time I was also arrested and charged with a DUI. You can now berate me for being such an irresponsible and selfish pile of shit, there no arguing that. I was, and have learned my lesson from the experience and have not gotten into a car the same day as I have even had a single drink since and never will.

I was lucky that I did not kill someone else or myself doing that and also very lucky that I was never convicted of the charge and it was dropped and expunged from my record. Would this still pop up on the background search and become known to my boss or bar me from the program?

TLDR: I was charged with a DUI, not convicted though and it has been expunged off my record. Will this pop up on the background search for the DCJS License/certification

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Random question – Do most locksmiths do door work too like route out hinges, latches/deadbolts and their plates? : Locksmith

I want to replace the hardware in my house. Been through a few handyman that butchered my exterior doors and having trouble on some interiors door issues too.

Is it rare for a locksmith to be proficient in doorframe repair, having templates to route properly, having router and spades?

I’ve had a few handymen that haven’t worked out. I have all the hardware, but probably need to different latch plates for interior doors.

So do locksmiths only really work on the key part of the lock, or do they do more?

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[Question] Possible to replace this Medeco cylinder easily? : Locksmith


Sorry if this is against the rules, I don’t think it is?

I have a 1980s safe with a secondary inner compartment inside. It used to have a time delay lock, but it was cut and has not been working for a while. The secondary door has this Medeco lock. I do not have the key, but luckily the door was left open. Am I able to just replace the cylinder on this with one of the many Medeco cylinder and key sets on ebay? Or do I need to get the entire thing?

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Liberty safe y13 key bitting question : Locksmith

I have a family member w a liberty safe combination dial + key way — he asked if I could generate a key for his safe as he has none and does not know the combination. Safe is unlocked.

It takes Yale y13 key style which I have and I was wondering what the best way to decipher the key cut #’s to cut so the y13 would work. Is this possible? I doubt they’re universal and probably specific to each safe but just thought I’d ask. Thank you.

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Car key question : Locksmith

Hello everyone. I have lost the keys to my car (Fiat 500) and I don’t have a replacement one. I called my local Fiat dealership and they told me that in order to get a new one I need to bring the car to them but I don’t have a way of doing so. I was wondering if it is possible to have a locksmith come and make just a simple key cut, no need for the remote or anything like that.

Thank you in advance and have a great day!

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Fortress FS24EBF/Heritage 24E Lock Replacement Question : Locksmith

Hi All!

Question for the community regarding the semi-common Fortress/Heritage 24 gun security cabinet (“safe”) and replacement of the electronic lock.

I have been looking into replacing it with the S&G 6730-100 as I have seen that this is a common replacement for electronic locks, however there appears to be something I’m missing… the current mechanism appears to not have a spindle hole on the safe. Photos attached at the below Imgur link for reference.

Should I be looking for another model of lock? Should I just drill out a spindle hole from the inside after mounting the mechanism? Or is the backup “lock” hole sufficient for the spindle and I should just plan to D&T new lock ring screw locations in the front of the door?

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A question of access that needs to be user friendly… : Locksmith

This bathroom has two doors. One for the guys/customers to access from inside the shop. And the other for the guys/customers to access from the outside yard.

What exists(or can be made) to make this arrangement work that allows for:

  1. Life Safety

  2. Privacy when occupied

  3. Simplicity for the end user (customers and their kids cannot be trained)

  4. Access from both spaces.

Thank you all in advance for your time and responses. (I agree that this setup is “insert negative adjective here.”)

This is a single user restroom.

Edited to include information I was missing.

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