Weiser smart lock question : Locksmith

1 Make sure the door is open and unlocked. Press and hold the Reset button on the interior assembly for five seconds, until you hear three beeps* and see the keypad flash amber three times.

Then the master code should be 0-0-0-0

Change master code- Master code , lock button, 7 , lock button, new master , lock button.

Add user- Master code , lock button, 1 , lock button, new user , lockbutton.

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Question about key fobs and water damage : Locksmith

Not sure if this is the right place to post, sorry if it’s not.

My husband received a new key fob for his car for his birthday. Unfortunately, he forgot it was in his pocket before doing laundry so it ended up going through the wash. The key fob was not programmed nor did it have a battery in it yet. The problem is we don’t know if it will still work now. Will water completely damage a key fob, or is there a chance it might still work fine? How do we find out if it still works?

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Another beginners question. : Locksmith

Bill Phillips The Complete Book of Locks and Locksmithing.

Bill Phillips Master Locksmithing.

There are also Deviant Ollam’s books. Hes not a locksmith but goes through many things that are good to know not only for your own use but so you are aware of common attacks to guard against.

You will not find much else in the way of relevant literature, especially available to the public. For obvious reasons.

Most of what locksmiths know is learned in the field or passed on. Even locksmithing courses are limited as far as what they can teach you. Being an apprentice is the way into the trade. Plain and simple. Reading literature or watching videos or taking courses is great but you will still have to learn in the field.

If i am hiring a field tech and all of my options have less than 2 years of experience, I am going to hire entirely based on their personality and work ethic. Things that can’t be taught. Because I am going to be teaching a hell of a lot of things anyway. And at least someone with no experience won’t have any bad habits to fix.

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VD99 CVR panic with LFIC keyed digging unit question : Locksmith

Got a stuck key in one of these panic dogging units where it’s been over turned and is caught 180° the wrong direction. Fixed by taking the bar off the door but was a real bear in this situation. Anyone have any techniques they’ve been successful with to get it back around without disassembly? Ultimately it had to come off anyway to replace some pieces but it would have been much easier had I been able to get the key out first.

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[Question] KEYDIY EEPROM edit : Locksmith

Currently own a 2005 subaru outback/legacy, and it allows you to register new fobs with a supplied 8 digit pin code. I purchased two keys that came with codes, and 2 flip keys (ford looking style, that appear to be the KEYDIY brand type).

I was able to register the 2 fobs, as they came with codes easily. However my best guess is the ford style flip fobs probably require a device that LISTENS for the 315mhz frequency and then writes it to the eeprom on the KEYDIY..

Anyway.. I took all the keys apart and they seem to run the exact same setup.

3 Button Fob with straight key (looks like the 2008-2009 subaru key) – CFeon q808-104HIP X700Z18 1945HLY

Flipkey – CFeon q808-104HIP X80HL23 1941HLY

Pulled the EEPROMs of all the chips, hoping that there is address space that just requires a new 8 digit key to be put in. I found that the starting bits 00 to 0F contain some unique string to all 4 fobs, then there is programmatic code that I suppose is used by the Programming tools to write values. Addresses 000FF000 to 000FF0F0 seem to contain what I assume is the actual data that is mapped to each button on the circuit board. As I see respectively a consistent identify that denotes areas of code.

The KEYDIY android app appears to have a way to generate new IC code. Not sure if that’s applicable for here.

Anyway… Do I have any chance to get these Fobs to work or pull the current 8 digit pin to register it to my car. Or do I need to order a specific KEYDIY tool that probably listens, and writes to these addresses with their own secret sauce to prevent people like me from editing the eeprom directly in HEX?

Pretty positive the answer is to buy a KEYDIY KD-X2, but was hoping for a way to reprogram things manually. In theory I need “regenerated” remote eeproms, and to know the new codes for the regened.

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Honda Lost Key Question for Other Locksmiths : Locksmith

I made a post about this vehicle (17 Honda Civic w/ prox) just the other day regarding me using the wrong tracer on my cutting machine, but I had another issue that I thought another locksmith could shed some light on.

I thought Honda key codes were always the last 4 in the series of characters. On this vehicle, the code was the first four. I realized this when I went back the following day to finish the key that I couldn’t cut due to using the wrong tracer on my mini. I burned a few emergency blanks before I realized it. The last four characters made a valid code for the vehicle. The code was only in one spot on the entire vehicle. Anyone else ever see this?

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Question about andersen storm door mortise lock : Locksmith

I just got back from a lockout, client had a glass storm door with an andersen mortise lock.

I could feel something springy all the way in the back past the cylinder and tried to fit a wire back there to bypass the lock, but couldn’t get it to work.

I picked it, cylinder spun, nothing happened. It wasn’t engaging with the deadbolt. I picked it a few more times to be sure, but nothing was happening. I figure the tail piece had disconnected or something.

Went to the back where they had the same storm door and lock, I managed to bump this one, opened just fine. The customer tested the front door with the key and it worked just fine.

Is there something about this lock where a key is needed in the cylinder to engage the actuator or was something off about that lock?

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Antique lock question (question in comments) : Locksmith

Hey there,

I am not a locksmith, and I’m not even sure this is a lock smith type question, but here goes. (Also not sure why reddit doesn’t allow text and image together posts, but that’s a different problem)

I bought a house recently with my wife, and we are restoring a lot of stuff. One thing is were replacing the one cheapy hollow-core door upstairs with a matching antique wooden door like all the other rooms have.

I was hoping that this could be the latch for the bathroom, the handle works fine, but I don’t have a key for the lock. (The door only has a keyhole on one side so I was going to face that side in and leave the key in so people could lock it from inside)

I have been told that “skeleton keys” are pretty standarized, and there’s only a few different kinds. But I’ve seen a bunch on eBay.

So….is there a way to tell based on these pictures of the interior (one with the spring guard thing on and one with it off) to tell which kind of skeleton key I would need to operate this lock?

Or, would anything that fits in the hole work and I’m way over thinking this?

I appreciate any help or advice you all may have!

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