Those of you who have fresh installed the Adams Rite 8600 internal rods before, a couple of questions please. : Locksmith

They’re going in glass / alum doors. I was wondering if it’s easy / possible to install these without removing the door. It seems easy enough in the instructions but it’s good to hear from people who’ve done it.

I’m considering the surface vertical rods just for simplicity, so if anyone has installed those and has feedback it would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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Looking to be a locksmith, have some questions. : Locksmith

Hi I’m a kid who graduated high school last year and I decided to take a gap year to figure out which trade I wanted to go into. Recently I’ve been watching a ton of locksmith videos on YouTube and I’ve just gotten curious about this job and I wanted to ask some locksmiths’ some questions.

  1. What are the things you like about the job?

  2. What are things you wish you had known before you got into the job?

  3. What is the things you like most/ thing you hate most about this job?

  4. Any advice for someone looking into this profession?

Thanks for all your time.

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Questions regarding my apartment deadbolt keyway. Any help is appreciated. : Locksmith

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Buy a new Kwikset deadbolt from your local locksmith, bring your existing key so they can re-pin the new one to your existing key if you want.

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Questions about bypass tools? Hobbyist locksport. : Locksmith

Hi so I am into the lock sport community. But I have a couple of questions about bypass tools. So the first question I have is about the lever handle remover. from the videos I looked at it looks like this just removes the lever handle. Does allow a bypass? Or does it just take off the lever handle for maintenance?

My next question is about the lever handle remover and the key in knob remover and the Schlage F series door knob removal tool. I guess my question is how much do you use these anymore? Like have they become “obsolete”?


Hopefully I have stayed within your guys rules.

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Questions regarding Locksmithing school, training and the job at large. : Locksmith

I’ve recently taken an interest in the profession of locksmithing and believe it would be a rewarding and satisfying career; I did however have several questions I’d like to throw out there to get input from those who have studied the trade or are currently working in locksmithing.

I reside in the state of Arizona(where no license is required) and have found a locksmithing school that offers a 2 week course that can be reattended at any time and includes $500 dollars worth of equipment for a course total of $2995. I am wondering if that is a good deal.

As I understand it, once someone has the knowledge and tools to be in locksmithing it is largely up to them as far as putting their name out there and getting exposure for the jobs they’d work. Is it possible to work for any company large or small in the locksmithing trade for a steady income or is running your own business for locksmithing the route most everyone takes?

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I have a lock with a weird switch, questions on behavior : Locksmith

I have a weird lock that has a switch on it. The door lock has a latch and bolt combined in one.

When the switch is off, the door knob cannot be turned from the outside. When it is on, the handle can be turned from the outside. It also expectedly unlocks the latch, but unexpectedly, it also unlocks the bolt!

Is there a way to alter the lock so that when the handle is turned from the outside, it only unlocks the latch?

I’m failing to see the point of the bolt aside from being tougher to knock down. The issue is, I can’t have my bolt decide whether or not the door can be opened.

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I’ve been abusing my S&G for over a decade and I think it’s about to die. Replacement or repair questions for mechanical or electronic. : Locksmith

So first off, yeah I’m that guy that didn’t realize you aren’t supposed to spin the dial as quickly as possible. I only discovered this in the last couple of days as I was researching what was going on with my safe.

I have a 13+ year old safe with what I think is a 6000 series S&G. The last couple of months I’ll nail the combo and it won’t open. At first I thought it was because I was getting older and wasn’t seeing the numbers well but even with reading glasses but that wasn’t it. It’s also doesn’t feel as smooth as it used to and seems to have a sticky feeling

Because I’m getting older and my eyes aren’t what they used to be, my first inclination was to “upgrade” to an electronic model but after reading the horror stories it doesn’t see like there’s a reliable electronic lock or is that incorrect? The S&G Spartan with direct drive caught my eye as it’s supposed to be EMP proof and you don’t seem to have to worry about a solenoid going bad. Any thoughts on this or another electronic lock?

My second thought it maybe I should either try to lube up the current lock or just replace it with a 6730. My lock is silver and has always been a PITA to read so a black dial with white could help. I’ve not been able to find any sort of DIY guide how to lube a lock, is there one out there?

I’m also open to suggestions

Thank you

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Walk in safe questions : Locksmith

I have an old walk in safe vault in my house that I want to restore and make into a wine cellar, but I also want to make it safe so that no one gets locked in. It was recommended to me by people in r/centuryhomes to check with this subreddit. Does any one know how to make it so that no one can accidentally get locked in?

Also, I would like to use it as a panic room. Would there be a way to intentionally lock ourselves in from the inside? It’s a huge space (14ftx 18ft) so it would be great to equip it for energencies.

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