Random question – Do most locksmiths do door work too like route out hinges, latches/deadbolts and their plates? : Locksmith

I want to replace the hardware in my house. Been through a few handyman that butchered my exterior doors and having trouble on some interiors door issues too.

Is it rare for a locksmith to be proficient in doorframe repair, having templates to route properly, having router and spades?

I’ve had a few handymen that haven’t worked out. I have all the hardware, but probably need to different latch plates for interior doors.

So do locksmiths only really work on the key part of the lock, or do they do more?

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For me to buy this tool I must provide creds to my vendor that I’m registered, licensed, bonded etc.. unless I buy them from ebay. Any random jerkoff can buy these on eBay? Really?!?! Holy shit!! I thought these things are “Restricted” to only Proffesionals? Rethink what you install on peoples doors : Locksmith

Lockpicks have been available to the general public forever, and it’s not like you come across a bunch of break-ins where the lock was picked. Thieves gonna steal, securitys gonna secure and the cycle goes on forever. I’d like to see some idiot use one of these cheap knock offs to pick a 4-track HS keyway. That said, this is one good reason for states to regulate locksmiths. If you find this in someone’s possession, outside of their home and w/o a license, there should be legal consequences.

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