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thanks for looking,

I had 2 gates made by my friend who is a welder. I had 2 AL10S Schlage passage lock for the gate and told the welder. The boxes he bought and welded on, and had powder-coated are too small for the 3-7/16 rose on the locks I have. And pretty much all of the locks with a commercial 3 hole drill pattern wont work so I need 2 new locks.

I need a passage lock that matches the Schlage SAT style levers.

With a rose that is maximum of 3-1/16

And is available in Black or Oil Rubbed Bronze

The box is 1-1/2 thick.

The backset is 2-3/4 (there is onle 1 hole thankfully)

The locks will be outdoors

I looked at Schlage S10D, but I don”t know if those are crap or not.

These gates are for my parents house and I want the locks to last as long as possible..

thanks for any and all help

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Recommendation for a difficult to pick/bypass/smash steering wheel lock : Locksmith

Are there examples of (ideally) steering wheel locks or (grudgingly) brake locks that have some respect from locksmiths? I realize locksmiths can bypass most anything….

I’m not looking for perfection, nor protection against a serious toolkit, ramset or anglegrinder attack against a car steering wheel lock (I know such a thing doesn’t exist).

Am just looking for something that will slow a knowledgeable thief down enough that they decide to look elsewhere.

This is for a not-fancy 2017 car, parked on street, in a neighborhood that might get quite a bit more steal-y soon.

I’ve seen this from a year ago – the only specific model/brand recommendation for a brake pedal lock is for an item that is no longer sold there….

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Need help with a lock recommendation for a weird gate (pictures in description) : Locksmith

Hey, r/locksmith

Pictures of the gate:


I would really like to buy a solid lock that can be opened/locked from both sides of this gate that I linked. I don’t even know what a lock like this is called or what some good brands are.

Edit: ignore the lock that’s currently on. It doesn’t work and is going to be removed

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Recommendation on Bolt-On Key Lockbox : Locksmith

I hope this question is okay.

I run an auto glass shop and we get glass delivered at night when we are closed for the following days jobs. One of our suppliers keeps forgetting our shop key and they are leaving the glass outside. This is a problem because of wind or some asshole teenagers walking around and decide to make a big mess.

Our shop is not in the best part of town but we thought a lockbox would be the best solution that is bolted to the outside hidden in a spot that is hard to see. Are there any that would be reliable and secure enough that this would work?

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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