Classic Kiwkset rekey or possibly upgrade to SmartKey : Locksmith

Not a locksmith. I am closing on my first condo and they have older Baldwin locks. As best I can tell, they use the classic Kwikset 5 pin tumbler cylinder. Without changing any of the decorative hardware (HOA rules), I’d like to change the keys and upgrade the lock as best I can.

I know I can rekey the classic lock, but wanted to see if I could upgrade the security to the Kwikset SmartKey. Is that easy to do? Will a SmartKey cylinder fit into a cylinder? Will all generations of SmartKey cylinders it?

Yes, yes I know these are insecure and can be defeated. I figure the SmartKey upgrade is better than classic 5 pin

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Just moved in… they say they can’t re-key this lock, and want us to find a replacement. Can anyone help Figure out what type this is? I see a Schlage and an F, but I need to find a model # or something similar to replace it with. Thank you so much for the help!!! : Locksmith

I would probably start by taking that side plate off it looks like it could be a mortise cylinder. If that’s the case there should be a set screw underneath that plate that would allow you to unscrew the cylinder for servicing.. EDIT: I just examine the pictures a little bit more closely could be a simple as a Kik cylinder under the outside plate.

But yeah I would get a second opinion. Form a different locksmith.. 100% rekeyable.

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Is it possible to re-key a cheap lock for a laser cut key? : Locksmith

I lost the side panel on my motorcycle and it had a lock. My issue is that the same key is used for the ignition and gas cap. I don’t want to carry multiple keys on this chain so my options are to get a new lock and have it re-keyed to work with my existing key or buy a set what comes with new keys, ignition, gas cap and side panel lock. I’d rater have a new lock re-keyed, if possible.

Below is the side panel lock and a key if it helps. Sorry I couldn’t find a better picture of the lock.

r/Locksmith - Is it possible to re-key a cheap lock for a laser cut key?

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Anyone else rekey multiple cylinders like this when they have the same bitting. : Locksmith

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Nope. Mainly because I pin with my left hand. Also because that looks uncomfortable. And I don’t have enough followers.

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This apartment rekey on an undocumented master system feels like a trap : Locksmith

I just got a call for an apartment building. they have a tenant that wants her lock changed “Someone keeps breaking in” (yeah my first one of these) asking for more information they have a master system with master, GM and operating keys. They’re on everest, it looks like 7pin the apartments are LFIC except the front outer door. They don’t have any contact for whoever installed it, but they have the M, GM, Control and all the operating keys. . . . I feel like I may have to document their whole system just to change 1 lock. It’ll be a great learning experience, but holy fuck me! 24 apartments and 1 outer door. Do I read all the keys, record into a master sheet, eyeball the lot and guess a new apartment biting and match the master? . . I’m excited for the opportunity, but also curious of their budget for a single apartment rekey. it’s going to take hours to document everything.

The previous maintenance man had some code written down. it’s stamped into the GM key and doesn’t match the bitting. I’m guessing it’s a blind code, or file reference for whoever set it up.

Aaand digging a bit more, it’s a senior living facility. I may just drive out for a consult and get a little better scope of their actual need, maintenance staff and the likes.

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150 locks to unmaster and rekey in batches of 25. So relaxing. : Locksmith

Contractors installed these locks which were supposed to be mastered with individual user keys and a single master key per floor. They installed them willy nilly so now unlocking them is a guessing game. Getting paid to drop all the master wafers out and just key them all up to a single key. I offered to take them off and reinstall correctly but I guess the owner is done with dealing with mastered locks lol

Next time I bet he’ll just order them keyed alike. Not really sure why they ordered mastered anyway as only maintenance needs access to these doors.

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Rekey 13 locks on my house, okay to reuse pins, but swap order? : Locksmith

I’ve found on ebay and amazon some rekey kits that come with a follower, 4 keys, and a enough pins for 12 locks. I have 13 locks. After thinking about this for a while, I thought, can’t I just save money on pins by just swapping the pin order and getting a couple keys punched to the new code (I know I’ll need a follower and tweezers would help). I also know that pins are super cheap and it’s probably better to just use new pins because of wear and tear, but it puts me in the position of not knowing what to buy. Do I buy the 12 lock rekey kit, then get 25 bags of each pin size? Or just get a bigger set of pins and skip the rekey kit or…

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