Is this quote crazy for rekeying new home or am I just a newbie who doesn’t know any better? : Locksmith

Hello lock experts! First time homeowner and just closed on our home on Monday. I had a locksmith come out today and they quoted us nearly $900 to rekey the entire home! Yikes! I researched the average cost of rekeying a home before he arrived, and was expecting a number in the $200-$300 range, but maybe I drastically miscalculated?!

Here’s the breakdown of the job:

4 Kwikset deadbolts (one sided) – 1 Kwikset deadbolt (double sided) – 1 Schlage deadbolt (locksmith was going to replace with a new Kwikset so every door could be opened with the same Kwikset key). Time 2hrs (but he was charging me for 1hr because he was 5.5hrs late). Home is in CT.

The locksmith seemed like a super nice guy, but… $900?!

If that is normal, and I’m just having a bit of sticker shock, perhaps there is a better way to go about getting all these doors to have the same, but new key?

Thank you so much in advance for any and all advice!

(Edit: Gor my hours wrong and adding my location)

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Rekeying Schlage single-cylinder knob that I don’t have the key for : Locksmith

I recently bought a house that has an interior closet with a Schlage “key-in-knob” lock on it, but the previous owners didn’t have a key. The door was not locked, so I’ve been able to remove the knob from the door, but I’m curious if there are any tricks for repinning the lock short of picking it. There are two small holes that I think are for the catches you’d normally use to disassemble the knob, but it doesn’t look like there’s anything to press (which makes sense, since the lock is locked).

Is there a way to get the knob apart, or do I need to either pick or replace it?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Rekeying a house today I found this artwork. Looks like someone cut the head off a small nail and used it for a retainer pin. It was bent to 90 degrees and prevented the deadbold from working. Nice touch for a emtek lock. : Locksmith

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I tell customers it’s the best looking cheap crap. Nice looking, not so good quality. When I work in a very expensive home thst has Emtek hardware, I point that out. Of course, sometimes I’m there specifically because they have Emtek and something failed! Even a rekey though, can get you sales when they find out they have crap in a million dollar plus house.

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could I go about rekeying these locks myself or should I hire a locksmith? : Locksmith

It is a multipoint lock from the look of the door edge. That cylinder should just be a small key-in-knob type fastened into the exterior trim. Removing the handles, and then probably two through-screws from the interior should release the trims.

As to the original question, if you go to a physical shop with lock in hand, it will be cheaper than paying a service call. If you break your hardware or lose pieces, it will be more expensive than a service call and rekey from a professional.

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