Is this lock “openable”? it was a lock with a broken shackle, I picked it twice very easily and once I removed the shackle I couldnt pick it anymore : Locksmith

context: sometime ago my parents lost the key and had to broken the lock to get out of home and used the broken lock to lock the door from inside, using only the shackle, then I picked it twice in like seconds, removed the broken shackle and let the broken shackle “locking” the door from inside, now, with no shackle, I cant pick it anymore

also, what is this “button” on the lock? I have 2 other locks from this brand and only this one have it

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I might be stupid but who knows? There were no exterior screws that I could find the key didn’t allow access to any hidden holes or special tricks, if anyone knows how this was suppose to be properly removed I would love to know. : Locksmith

It’s a Lori Lock. When on a door, remove the 2 screws on the bolt plate (edge of the door) and the plate can be removed with the rest of the bolt staying in the door. To the sides of the bolt are 2 narrow holes, which reach all the way back to the 2 set screws visible in your third image. Loosen those with an Allen key and Bob’s your auntie.

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Euro style UPVC lock removed, locks partially released? : Locksmith

My key snapped in my shed’s upvc door so I drilled & snapped the Eurolock and pushed the internal pin up which released the hooks and rollers however the deadbolt(?/ middle lock) is still engaged, what do I need to do to finish opening the door?

This is what the lock looks like now, it did havr a pin visible at the top, after pushing that to the left it released the aforementioned mechanisms.

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