Old School lock replacement

Old School lock replacement

The handle on this lock broke and I'm looking to replace it, or maybe even fix the handle but I have no idea what kind of lock this is. Any hints or tips would be appreciated on what to look for. Thanks!

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Fortress FS24EBF/Heritage 24E Lock Replacement Question : Locksmith

Hi All!

Question for the community regarding the semi-common Fortress/Heritage 24 gun security cabinet (“safe”) and replacement of the electronic lock.

I have been looking into replacing it with the S&G 6730-100 as I have seen that this is a common replacement for electronic locks, however there appears to be something I’m missing… the current mechanism appears to not have a spindle hole on the safe. Photos attached at the below Imgur link for reference.

Should I be looking for another model of lock? Should I just drill out a spindle hole from the inside after mounting the mechanism? Or is the backup “lock” hole sufficient for the spindle and I should just plan to D&T new lock ring screw locations in the front of the door?


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Replacement Jimmy Proof lock : Locksmith

I’ve moved into a new house that has a lot of double cylinder locks that I want to switch out with single cylinders. I have a few questions:

  1. There is a Jimmy proof lock on the front door that has no brand name on it. I bought a prime-line 9970 lock that lines up with all of the existing holes, but I’m not impressed with the quality. Does anyone know of a better brand that should line up with the existing holes? I’d rather not put new holes in the door.

  2. Everything is keyed the same as an old mortise lockset also in the front door. It uses an sc1 keyway. I’m not sure, but I feel like finding a replacement cylinder in it may be a challenge. Are there good bump resistant cylinders I can use on the rest of the locks and rekey to be the same as mortise lock?


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