Old School lock replacement

Old School lock replacement

The handle on this lock broke and I'm looking to replace it, or maybe even fix the handle but I have no idea what kind of lock this is. Any hints or tips would be appreciated on what to look for. Thanks!

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Fortress FS24EBF/Heritage 24E Lock Replacement Question : Locksmith

Hi All!

Question for the community regarding the semi-common Fortress/Heritage 24 gun security cabinet (“safe”) and replacement of the electronic lock.

I have been looking into replacing it with the S&G 6730-100 as I have seen that this is a common replacement for electronic locks, however there appears to be something I’m missing… the current mechanism appears to not have a spindle hole on the safe. Photos attached at the below Imgur link for reference.

Should I be looking for another model of lock? Should I just drill out a spindle hole from the inside after mounting the mechanism? Or is the backup “lock” hole sufficient for the spindle and I should just plan to D&T new lock ring screw locations in the front of the door?


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