Replacing this unique (to me) entry door mortise setup : Locksmith

We got this modern style stainless steel front door when we remodeled our house a few years ago.

The main lock/handle is a mortise. We didn’t realize when we bought it that it’d be imported from Europe, so it might be a “European mortise” if that’s a thing.

The cylinder is definitely Euro style.

Now here’s the kicker: The main lock not only operates a pretty massive deadbolt in the middle of the door, but also a second one near the bottom of the door.

This picture was on the door reseller’s website, and accurately describes how our door works.

We want to replace the main lockset for multiple reasons (functionality, appearance) but don’t know what we’re in for because of the possibly non-standard (for the US) nature of the mortise and because of this internally connected second deadbolt.

Sadly the reseller is unresponsive to questions.

Has anyone seen one like this before? Have any advice?


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Help with replacing feather spring in 1940/50s rim lock

The feather spring broke, I have a replacement (shown in picture next to the old broken one, need to cut to size) but I can't for the life of me work out where the original was positioned!

(The screw/bolt in the middle is in-place just to show where it goes)

I am a total amateur, but I feel like this is one of those "ohhhh" moments where it will be totally obvious once explained. Where is the spring supposed to go?

submitted by /u/JohnLColvin

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Replacing Locks for Newbie : Locksmith

Hey All,

I’m wanting to install some new Schlage locks for my home to replace older Kwikset deadbolts. The Kwikset came with the home so I’m making my mark now.

I’m running into an issue with the strike plate and door jammer – they are much smaller than what is currently on the door. Conversely, the deadbolt itself is just a tad bigger on the new Schlage. Could a locksmith help me with this or would they refer me to a handyman? Or am I SOL with Kwikset/have to buy new doors (which I’ll do eventually lol).

Any guidance is appreciated.

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Not sure if this is allowed, but I’m replacing the entire ignition in my car and would like to know if it’s possible to reprogram it to fit my new existing key : Locksmith

The ignition is like any other car part. You can probably find the right service manuals and tools to do it, but I remember the first time I replaced head gaskets it was a bloodbath.

Your best bet is to just find a local locksmith that does auto work and take it in to their shop.

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Replacing Apartment Mailbox Keys : Locksmith

I sell mailbox locks to property management companies all week long. Pretty sure these are for when they are getting the apartments changed over for a new renter though. I have gone and replaced mailbox locks for various customers as well, for me, the customer and not their landlord covered the bill. Hard to say whose responsibility it is, but I would say yours though since you lost the keys. It’s a really straightforward job, so it shouldn’t take more than half an hour for a competent locksmith. I think the last one I did, the bill came out to around $100 (service call, lock, and labor).

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Removing and replacing a door deadbolt, but struggling to remove it? : Locksmith

Hi folks, I appreciate your help and advice!

This is on an exterior door, it’s a Schlage deadbolt.

I’ve removed the two screws and faceplate from the inside. According to the several Youtube tutorials I’ve scanned, the next step is simply grasping the outside housing and pulling it free. But I can’t seem to pull it free. Gentle taps from a hammer didn’t dislodge it. (I’m also confused because in all the videos it seems there some sort of squarish or round axel/bar, but the axel on my lock is prominently corkscrew-shaped. )

Post image

Post image

As you can see from the pictures, I was able to remove the screws from the side of the door, but that doesn’t seem to have helped me.

Please let me know if you need more pictures or other information!

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Any chance of replacing this? It goes to a Brinks 5058D. Figured I’d try to rekey the lock for a customer, and ended up blowing the cylinder. Probably shouldve left it alone as it has evidence of another locksmith grinding on the plug. Anyone have a part # for it? : Locksmith

i’m guessing that a pin dropped and the cylinder is now stuck halfway out. take a picture of the top of the lock. we want to see whats keeping the pins in place.

but anyways its a cam lock, it works as a override on the safe if they forget the combo or if the batteries die. you should be able to replace it with any similar length cam lock.

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Replacing USPS 4B lock with non-USPS cam lock : Locksmith


I am looking for recommendations on replacing a USPS / CompX 4B mailbox cam lock. The lock cut out is the older 4B “double D” style, in the same shape as most cam locks.

I’m looking at replacing the lock with something using a different keyway, such as an Abloy cam lock. The main reason being because the current CompX / USPS locks are keyed really poorly. When I first moved in, the previous owner didn’t tell us which mailbox # was ours, and I figured I’d just try my key in each mailbox until I found the lock matching my key… well, about half the mailboxes could be opened with my key. And I figure if my key can open half the locks, every one else’s can probably open mine.

I verified the height and width of the lock cutout in the door would fit an Abloy or most generic double-D shaped cam lock, however, I couldn’t find a lock that had the same length/depth as the USPS lock. So, I am wondering if someone has a recommendation on a lock and recessed cam that would do the trick?


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Replacing exterior deadbolt locks : Locksmith

So I need to replaced 2 exterior deadbolts. The main entrance and the garage entrance share the same key. By weiser/kwikset. Currently this model weiser deadbolt has a sale going grade 1. I would need to buy 2 of these and use the rekey technology to change them both to the same key. Model is 9GCD94710. But I saw on a YouTube video these locks can be opened in 10 seconds if any of there locks have the rekey technology. Granted that video is 6 years ago. Has this ever been fixed? If not anyone suggest any type of deadbolts? It will be for residential use.

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