How to lock this door from the outside if all the locks in the house are the same. What can I install that doesn’t require drilling? : Locksmith

Way back when hotels commonly used this style of keys, I believe Yale, among others, made a keyhole blocker that had a cam not unlike the current Euro profile cylinders, and would fit in the keyhole and once the blocker’s key was turned to remove it, it effectively locked itself in the keyway. The standard key no longer would go in the keyhole. To open the door, you used the blocker’s key first to remove it completely, and then you used the standard key.

You might have luck finding one on eBay as I believe they are no longer made. I cannot guarantee that it will go into your lock, however.

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Can anyone recommend a good replace for this lock that wouldn’t require cutting into the door or frame? : Locksmith

Hello Locksmiths of Reddit. After my front door deadbolt broke yesterday, leaving me with no way to get in my house, I realized I should probably look at fixing the back door so I can actually use it as an entrance when needed. I’m looking for either a replacement option that’s similar so that I don’t have to cut into the door frame, or maybe getting a key made that would fit, if that’s possible. This is smaller than your average key. I appreciate any help or advice that could be provided.

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