Pros, Cons, Everything about residential smart locks? : Locksmith

I’ve got an end-of-year presentation for a networking class I’m taking where we select a technology and go through the impact(positive and negative) on the market/consumers.

I selected ‘Residential Smart Locks’ as my topic out of a few I could think of.

I need help from locksmiths, the guys who install and fix these pieces of hardware. Of course, I will do my own research in tandem with the replies to this post; I want my presentation to be as informative as possible.

So, I ask you all this:

What are the pros, cons, and other bits of information(anecdotes, stories of success or failure) that you all can think of in regards to residential smartlocks?

Thanks in advance for any replies. Seriously, any information will be useful.

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Thick Door Residential Keypad: Huge PITA : Locksmith

I have a customer with 2 units in a dumpy little attachment of a building that share an entranceway, it has never been locked since they can remember and now with covid they want it locked. Door is ancient, probably early 1900s, for hardware had old timey brass mortise set with skeleton key, porcelain knobs on split spindle that were just barely hanging in there, unbelievable they put up with the weight of the door this long! I should mention there is nothing code about this entranceway, as soon as you open the door very steep steps are almost right up against it, had to adjust door closer and could go up 2-3 steps and comfortably reach the top setscrews, when you go down the steps to leave you have to push open as you walk down because you will walk into the door otherwise…its weird.

They wanted a keypad. Didnt want to spend much money. Door is 1 7/8″ thick. I figured 7/8″ is only a bit over 3/4, FE595 would probably work, Ive put loads of those in. Will be a light-medium use setting (only 2 units but it is main entrance), no complaints on these and they are good on batteries, customer likes the price, boom.

I failed to account for the thickness of the remodeler plates.

The spindles/handles BARELY connect, definitely not safe, everything bound up from how tight the screws had to be even to make that possible. Not going to work, and of course the FE series is one of the few series that they dont make a thick door kit for. Lucky me.

I left them with a storeroom function lever on the door maison keyed to 2 apt and master keys, they were happy for now but probably wont go for a commercial keypad lever due to cost. Kwikset makes a keypad lever with a thick door kit but…kwikset. Distributor mentioned emtek keypad levers but at that point probably should just go with a trilogy. I only have a few years experience, I want to do it the right way and if that means a $5-600 minimum bill I can accept that.

r/Locksmith - Thick Door Residential Keypad: Huge PITA

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looking for good residential grade door closer with hold open arm : Locksmith

We have garage entry door that I want to top jamb mount a door closer to prevent loud heavy slams and prop open at 90degrees when loading groceries etc. Budget $150-250.

I’m weary of all the generic chinese junk on Amazon, so I’m looking for an actual part number reference from the pros. LCN looks like the gold standard but I think is overkill for my residential need. Stanley D1610? General lock? Any pointers on part numbers?

Also would appreciate a little help in how to buy them – the good stuff doesn’t seem easily accessible on amazon..? Maybe i’m wrong. I’ve seen sites like Anixter mentioned but seems involved like i need a quote/PO/make a phone call to purchase.


I ended up getting the Stanley D-1610PH 689 for $140 shipped since the top jamb would probably ram into my garage door rail.

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Residential cylinder question? …

I was wondering if anyone had a reference for common residential locks in the US that has information about market share and geographic distribution? Like Kwikset #1 Schlge #2 ???#3. and yale east coast etc… Thanks

If not I would be curious as to the most common residential cylinders you encounter in your geographic area.

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Residential tubular lever that will accept a 6-pin Schlage C Key? : Locksmith

So basically what the title reads. I have a facility who I have on a mastersystem where they are using 6-pin keys (Schlage C) and cylinders. They have a new build out with a hand full of offices (tubular levers) and they would like to have the doors masterkeyed. These are offices that will get little use, so the customer wants to use residential hardware which I agree with. Anyone know of any residential brand that either has a 6-pin cylinder, or can accept a 6-pin cylinder? Or if you have any other ideas?

Normally I would straight off tell the customer they need to go to commercial hardware, but they are a smallish non-profit so I like to try to keep their cost low and will only up-sell when I know its either my only option or they need something much better than what they want.

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Any recommendations for keypads for residential gates? : Locksmith

An increasingly common residential call I’ve been getting is people looking to add a keypad to a front gate. I’m talking about just a keypad lever, not a full access control system as those are usually well out of budget for a single family home or maybe 2/3 unit building. I am also a welder so I end up taking several of these calls, often times replacing the weldable box, maybe adding some mesh so people can’t reach through, and making a nice job out of it. However, I haven’t found any particular lock that I think is great. I’ve used the Lockey 2835 a few times as it seems decent and at a price point that doesn’t make people scoff. I’ve used some nice Kaba stuff before, but not everyone is going to drop $1000 on just the lock. So does anyone have any suggestions for keypads? Preferably mechanical unless it’s something very weather resistant that will last through some harsh winters. I’m looking for both single sided and double sided combination locks but they don’t have to be the same model.

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1949 residential privacy lock button help : Locksmith

Hi all, this is from my bedroom door in a house built in 1949. I’m not sure what the lock mechanism is called here, can only find references to rosettes with privacy buttons, and I’m able to find replacements for those. What I need is the lock piece. The inside piece that inserts into the latch is sheared off. I’ll upload a picture of it as well.

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Apparently gatehouse (or some “locksmith”) doesn’t know what macs are or why they’re important. I had a residential eviction today. Started picking and it took me longer than normal for these shitty locks. When I got the knob picked, I pulled it so I could just make a key and unlock the db. 76277 : Locksmith

I am not a locksmith, can someone explain to me why you don’t see cuts like this more often? Seems like it would be a whole lot more secure, adding that OP said it was hard to pick. Every house key I’ve had rarely had cuts with depths that differed more than 1-2 – In other words I’ve always felt my homes would be incredibly easy to bump-key or pick

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