Help with replacing feather spring in 1940/50s rim lock

The feather spring broke, I have a replacement (shown in picture next to the old broken one, need to cut to size) but I can't for the life of me work out where the original was positioned!

(The screw/bolt in the middle is in-place just to show where it goes)

I am a total amateur, but I feel like this is one of those "ohhhh" moments where it will be totally obvious once explained. Where is the spring supposed to go?

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Where does the set screw on Schlage CO for a rim exit device go? : Locksmith

Probably a long shot but I figured it was worth a shot here.

I was installing a bunch of cylindrical CO’s today and a single Rim CO. While installing the Rim CO I noticed there was a set screw in the box but could not for the life of me figure out in the installation instructions or on the device where it would go. My only thought would be for the tailpiece on the cylinder but it came with a small plastic piece that went down to hold it in place and the hole was not threaded.

Is it possible it’s for the Vertical Rod trim variation? Only difference in the installation instructions for a Vertical Rod was that it came with a spacer that went behind the battery case to allow the rod to run behind it.

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Looking to purchase rim cylinders with SC1 keyway! : Locksmith

I am hoping someone here might have two rim cylinders available with an SC1 keyway in gold/brass. I need the two cylinders with decorative rings for the front and the mounting hardware (basically the whole package).

I am going to be replacing my doorknobs with Schlage knobs and I currently have “jimmy proof” deadbolts installed so I do not want to have to mess with the interior side of the deadbolt. That would involve fixing the door, door jamb, molding, etc.

If anyone has them for sale please let me know I am looking to get them quickly. Thanks!

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