I asked about these mosler “safe” deposit locks the other day. : Locksmith

These have been the hardest locks for me to open. It’s a mosler 586A I managed to get this one open without destroying it, probably can’t repeat this though. I just haven’t found a consistent way to defeat these.

I don’t see this often but when I do they burn a lot of time. Hoping someone can point out the error of my ways here, I feel like I’m missing something simple.

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What’s the grossest safe you’ve ever dealt with? : Locksmith

Was reading another thread regarding the floor vault and the comments got me thinking and wondering.

What’s the grossest safe you’ve ever dealt with?

Mine would be Garda Cashlink Depository pedestals at Taco Cabana, specifically when we removed them and the coagulated underneath, almost pulsating mass that is encountered underneath. I’ll never forget the smell. I’m sure some of you know the “mass” I’m talking about. (Looking at you Popeyes NKL)

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Trying to figure out what type of lock this is and if it’s safe for an exterior door or we should replace/add a deadbolt. 1950s house. : Locksmith

Sorry if this isn’t a good place! But if this question is OK, I would be very happy for any information anyone could give.

We were debating whether or not to replace the doorknob. (If we don’t, it obviously needs to be polished.) I think it seems unsafe for an exterior door but would love any additional information. Can’t quite figure out what they would have called this type of lock back in the day, so my google-fu has hit a dead end.

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Liberty safe y13 key bitting question : Locksmith

I have a family member w a liberty safe combination dial + key way — he asked if I could generate a key for his safe as he has none and does not know the combination. Safe is unlocked.

It takes Yale y13 key style which I have and I was wondering what the best way to decipher the key cut #’s to cut so the y13 would work. Is this possible? I doubt they’re universal and probably specific to each safe but just thought I’d ask. Thank you.

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Anybody do safe manipulation? Worth it? : Locksmith

Just got a S+G cutaway lock and a book on manipulation, want to learn as our shop doesnt do safes, but noticed that(based on the book) it can take up to 4 1/2 hours to manipulate a safe! That is a LOT of time looking at graph paper. Anyone swear by this, or is it overall too time consuming? I put a huge amount of time into learning lockpicking and it paid off, but if it took me 1-2 hours to pick a lock you can bet id be busting out the drill every time.

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trying to manipulate a combination safe. made progress but got stuck. assistance required. : Locksmith

Just to clarify i am not a locksmith.

When putting all wheels to the left, i found a low point (most probably a gate) where my contact points closed in at the 68-71 area.

i then parked the first two wheels and only did the third, and the low point was still there, so i assumed the gate to the third wheel is somewhere at 68-71.

Currently having trouble finding ways to obtain the first two.

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