Need to replace a Samsung Smart lock (exterior mortise) with a new "dumb" lock, what do I look for?

this is the install spec for the samsung lock I unfortunalty don't even know what to search for when looking for an "analog" replacement. Are there standard sizes. Really don't want to have to replace the door, as its custom.

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Looking for an NFC-compliant deadbolt to fit this door. Had intended to buy a Samsung Ezon 3321 but the local locksmith says it won’t fit. Any suggestions of what else I could try? : Locksmith

Not a fan of smart locks, but it looks like a regular cut out template for a deadbolt more or less. If your door is 1 3/4 inches you’ll be fine, hell you can throw it on 1 1/4 inch thick door if you want. Make a hole in door, chisel door for bolt, make hole in frame, chisel frame for strike, probably some fasteners here and there. 30-45 minute job.

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