Rekeying Schlage keyed entry door knobs : Locksmith

Well, you should have drivers in there, so the springs never come in contact with the plug.

It’s been a while since I rekeyed Schlage with C-clip, but if I remember correctly, the end of the plug, where the tailpiece goes, is shaped like an oval. You need to insert the plug at more or less exactly 90º so that the end of the oval shape keeps everything in the bible like it should.

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Schlage key fob only deadbolt : Locksmith

I noticed a new construction apartment building installing these keyless key fob entry schlage (pieces of shh..) .. So I figure, as much as it sucks this is the future of locksmithing or an increasingly large part of house lock out entries.. Either way..

Say you get called to a lockout because the batteries died or customer lost the fob.. What would you do to gain entry? Drill? Where? Air wedge the door? Just wondering.. It appears to be the future and it sucks. Did I mention that already?!c1046410072!a51633137712!dm!ng&gclid=CjwKCAiAz4b_BRBbEiwA5XlVVsV-MZJtJ5WsYiaFLQqQTWmdMLmaXXd6IIwDE0NJ3wR_SXacpxxr6RoCyXUQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

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Where to buy the “good” Schlage handle/deadbolts? : Locksmith

I went to a local locksmith to ask about rekeying a house, and just want to compare the prices on what they are selling.

They bragged that the stuff they had is much better quality than what would be found at Hone Depot or the likes.

Where can someone find these products? I’m typically a DIYer, and feel replacing a knob is within my scope. What is not, is figuring out the mortise I will be posting later for you all, so I’ll still be using them most likely for that.

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resetting Schlage 489WB without factory code : Locksmith

So I have one of these, left from previous owners.

The factory code on the inside is missing (i guess peeled off for “safety” purposes) and before i throw it away, is there a way of resetting it via the app WITHOUT the QR code/factory PINs.

There is a smaller QR code and some alphanumeric stuff on the inside but none of these work.

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