Old School lock replacement

Old School lock replacement

The handle on this lock broke and I'm looking to replace it, or maybe even fix the handle but I have no idea what kind of lock this is. Any hints or tips would be appreciated on what to look for. Thanks!

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Questions regarding Locksmithing school, training and the job at large. : Locksmith

I’ve recently taken an interest in the profession of locksmithing and believe it would be a rewarding and satisfying career; I did however have several questions I’d like to throw out there to get input from those who have studied the trade or are currently working in locksmithing.

I reside in the state of Arizona(where no license is required) and have found a locksmithing school that offers a 2 week course that can be reattended at any time and includes $500 dollars worth of equipment for a course total of $2995. I am wondering if that is a good deal.

As I understand it, once someone has the knowledge and tools to be in locksmithing it is largely up to them as far as putting their name out there and getting exposure for the jobs they’d work. Is it possible to work for any company large or small in the locksmithing trade for a steady income or is running your own business for locksmithing the route most everyone takes?

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I have a school project that requires me to have advisors with a professional background : Locksmith

Almost completely pick resistant? Have you never seen the “Lockpicking Lawyer”? If not, got over to YouTube and check him out.

And realize that “almost completely pick resistant” is almost impossible even for professional engineers. 🙂

If you’re going to be graded on the resistance? See if you can do a different project.

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Need help with prototype for school project : Locksmith

Hello Reddit. I am a sophomore and I’m in the Business Entrepreneurship Program at my school. We have to create a product or service, our own idea, and my idea is a pill bottle cap with a combo lock on it. I want this cap to be able to fit and work on a normal pill bottle from the pharmacy, not a third party pill bottle. The only thing is that we need a prototype, due end of March and I have no idea where to start. We have two 3D printers at our school, so I can print it but I need to make and design it first. The only reason I’m taking this project so seriously is because my teacher brings in powerful people for the judges, such as Michael Fountain, the director of USF Center for Entrepreneurship. Just to put in perspective, USF has the 8th best entrepreneurship program in the NATION. He’s also a professor in 5 subjects. Anyways, if I make it to districts with my project, and I get first place, I can win up to $2500. That’s huge for me trying to get a car right now. Last year someone from our school won, and I’m confident I can make our school win this year. If I can successfully make a pill bottle cap with a combo lock on it, I know I can win. I can prevent children from getting into pills thinking it’s edible, AND I can prevent addicts from getting into it. The judges loves stuff related to medical / safety and this idea hits it on the head. If anyone can help me out please reach out to me. My email is [email protected] . Thank you! Hope to hear something from someone!

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