Key snapped in this lock. Any suggestions to remove? I tried removing the handle on both sides but lock goes right through. Tried jabbing the bottom of the key hole with thin metal screw heads. Am stuck : Locksmith

I get calls like this all the time. It’s always worse when the customer has been poking, prodding and scraping at things. Just bite the bullet and call a locksmith because this requires specialist tools. They will also tell you what’s needed to stop it happening again, because there is almost always an underlying cause when a key snaps.

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Where does the set screw on Schlage CO for a rim exit device go? : Locksmith

Probably a long shot but I figured it was worth a shot here.

I was installing a bunch of cylindrical CO’s today and a single Rim CO. While installing the Rim CO I noticed there was a set screw in the box but could not for the life of me figure out in the installation instructions or on the device where it would go. My only thought would be for the tailpiece on the cylinder but it came with a small plastic piece that went down to hold it in place and the hole was not threaded.

Is it possible it’s for the Vertical Rod trim variation? Only difference in the installation instructions for a Vertical Rod was that it came with a spacer that went behind the battery case to allow the rod to run behind it.

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Is there a lock that locks a door from the outside that I don’t have to screw into the walls? : Locksmith

First of all, if this is the wrong sub to ask this in, I appologise!

I’m moving into university accommodation soon, and there are no locks on the bedroom doors. There are loads of travel door locks for use on the inside of the door but not the outside. I can’t seem to find anything anywhere that will lock a door from the outside. I’m not allowed to cause permanent damage to the door. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you

(Btw I’m based in the UK so I can’t import any locks from the US in time)

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Hold my beer while I install this… “you do know the handing is field reversible right?” Oh screw that field work shit, they should have sent it right, back up I know what I’m doing! : Locksmith

Ha yeah didnt know they could rehand it classic, I’m on a job now where the carpenters installed all this electrified hardware wrong every bit doors dont latch exit devices over to far. Heads hitting the strike nothing wired right , the struggle is real !!

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