Difference between Mul-T-Lock NE vs C series Padlocks for Bike Chain : Locksmith

I have an MT5+ system in my office and we just got a cargo bike for work we need to secure outside. I wanted to get a padlock that will work with the same system so all don’t have to carry an additional key.

I got a Schlage 12mm (1/2″) noose chain and was looking into either the C or NE series padlock.

Does anyone know the difference between the NE and C series? From what I can tell the NE is lower priced in comparison to a similar offering in the C series. Is there something better about either series?

Also, any recommendations about which style of lock and/or size is best for my application? 1/2″ sliding bolt? 1/2″ shackle? Thanks!

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Schlage E series core compatibility : Locksmith

My mother has a Schlage E series handleset my grandfather bought her before I was born. For a few reasons it would be ideal to rekey/upgrade the lock core. I have seen on security snobs website KIK replacement cylinders. Is there a way to confirm if and which cylinder would be compatible?

I have have taken the handle apart before to fix it’s installation and know I can get the cylinder out and replace it unless it requires significant alteration to fit.

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Is there a master for Illinois J series Cabinet Locks? : Locksmith

Hi Everyone,

Long story short I work in a building that has a ton of cabinets and drawers, each with one of these locks on it. Every single one has a different code (JXXX) and in the key box there are easily 100+ corresponding keys. We rarely lock them because it’s so inconvenient to deal with that many keys but occasionally someone will and it’s always a production to find the right key.

There wouldn’t happen to be a master for this series, would there? It would make things so much easier!


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Question about A1 QuickPull 2 (For Schlage “F” Series ) part : Locksmith

I recently acquired part of an A1 QuickPull 2. https://i.imgur.com/4Xffbqj.jpg It doesn’t have the turn handle or the threaded rod with the key attached. I was wondering if someone has one of these, if they would measure the length of the threaded rod for me. I know A1 is out of business so I figured I would make one but cutting off the head off a socket cap screw and cutting a slot in the smooth part. I would appreciate any help.

( https://www.lockpicks.com/quick-pull-repair-kit.html )

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