Is a set of interconnected locks on a door with a keyed lever & deadbolt easier to pick? : Locksmith

Hello. I purchased a condo apt. and I haven’t even moved in yet and have had 2 break-ins. One of those break-ins was after I changed the lock cylinders. They weren’t forced entry break-ins.

About a week ago I realized that the door has an interconnected handle/lock. So if I’m in the apt. with both locks locked, and I need to leave asap, I pull down the lever and both locks unlock and stay unlocked.

From the outside, if an intruder wants to open my lock, if they bump the keyed lever, will the deadbolt automatically unlock, because they are interconnected?

This condo building was built in 2004 in Oakland, CA. I’m sure that my interconnected handle/deadbolt combo is one of the originals, from 2004. A lot of other owners have changed their handle/lock combos.

Is an interconnected handle/deadbolt required, by building code, in multi-family buildings in the state of California?

Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂

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What’s your duplicator and originator set up looking like? : Locksmith

I recently cheaped out and bought a used iilco 45 duplicator off a buddy instead of going for the rytan. It works but I regret it knowing I’ll be buying the rytan eventually anyhow. But admittedly I was trained by old school locksmiths but to me the best set up is a blitz for origination and a rytan for duplication. I know there’s some very fancy machines but talking basic can set up, what’s r/locksmiths typical van set up looking like?

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Nostalgic front door set — Lab pins diameter to large to rekey to new key

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What kind of lock set do I need to replace this? : Locksmith

This is at my father in law’s house. I don’t know much about locks but he says that this is an “old type of lock” and it’s hard to replace. So, he’s just ignored it for years. He has other locks on the inside of the door to secure it but I want to fix it for him as a Christmas present. I could replace just the lock or I could replace the entire lock and door handle.

Edit: the key lock doesn’t work and as you can see, the inside dead bolt isn’t even there.

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Your input about this door set up. : Locksmith

Sure, what’s the walls construction?

If it’s 2×4 and Sheetrock that door is doing nothing. I’ll go through the wall. Bars over the glass probably isn’t going to do a lot either. Unless cemented in, they only need to bypass where the bars are secured. What’s in the room the guy is walking out? Is that room connected to the “not so safe room”? If so, what’s its walls construction?

Is this in an office building? Do they have drop ceilings? If yes, do they have walls going to the ceiling or to the drop ceiling? If only to the drop ceiling I’ll simply climb over the vault door.

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