Where does the set screw on Schlage CO for a rim exit device go? : Locksmith

Probably a long shot but I figured it was worth a shot here.

I was installing a bunch of cylindrical CO’s today and a single Rim CO. While installing the Rim CO I noticed there was a set screw in the box but could not for the life of me figure out in the installation instructions or on the device where it would go. My only thought would be for the tailpiece on the cylinder but it came with a small plastic piece that went down to hold it in place and the hole was not threaded.

Is it possible it’s for the Vertical Rod trim variation? Only difference in the installation instructions for a Vertical Rod was that it came with a spacer that went behind the battery case to allow the rod to run behind it.

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Combination padlock lockable without correct code being set? : Locksmith


I’m wondering if there is such a thing as a combination padlock, that you can lock without the correct code being set? In the sense you can lock a keyed padlock without the key, so that for example I could leave the padlock open for someone else to finish up with something and then just tell them to snap it closed when they were done. Could get a keyed lock, but my bunch is already too big and ideally don’t want to carry 2 bunches of keys around

Thanks in advance

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Looking to enter the trade. How can I set myself apart for an apprenticeship? : Locksmith

As the title says I’m looking to enter the trade of locks mithing. Currently I’m an HVAC residential service technician. I’m not aware of our trades having much cross over aside from general mechanical inclination and hand tools. However I’m experienced with working out of a van and in people’s homes, invoicing and being a representative of a company without supervision and working on call rotation.

Our busy season is about to come to a close and I’ll have some time to start picking up a new skillset. I’d like to be able to give my current company plenty of notice before next summer to leave on good terms in case if ever like to return so I’d like to go ahead and get started!

I just have a few questions and I appreciate any replies!!

  1. What skills can I develop on my own time through literature or videos that will help me stand out? Recommendations for videos and books also appreciated!

  2. What tools should I acquire? I definitely understand the value of an apprentice or helper having his own set of serviceable tools. While I have a pretty solid set of tools all of mine are geared towards residential AC diagnosis and repair.

  3. Are there any training tools I should acquire? I’ve seen those weird clear plastic locks for picking practice, but I don’t know how valuable those are as a training tool.

  4. What are your work conditions like? I don’t imagine they can be much worse than my current 130+ degree attic conditions here in the south east, but I’m holding out hope for a little less exhausting temperatures.

  5. Any information that you think I should know is fantastic. I’m currently a little too ignorant of the trade to be positive I’m asking great questions!

Thanks in advance folks!

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Electronic handle set clicking – What’s wrong? : Locksmith

Electrified mortise lock.

Presenting a credential to the reader powers the lock. Clicking should allow the handle to turn and retract the latch. With everything apart, I have no idea if the handle will turn when the lock is energized.

Put the lock back together and test it, or give us a description of the problem.

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My RV has a normal key and I was able to pick the lock the other day, set the pins, and get a rotation, but then the keyway jammed at about 3/4 a turn.

I'm curious what would cause this? Is there a second set of pins that I'm missing and have to re-pick after a certain amount of rotation? This was just a test to see if I could regain entry in the event I lost my keys.

submitted by /u/Speculater

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Locksmith came to our house for replacements, did I just set myself up for potentially robbery? : Locksmith

I’d like to think the better of people, but I lost my keys yesterday that included two modern car key remotes (not FOBs) and house keys. We called around to get good prices and went with a locksmith that was the same ethnic group of us and sounded like a nice person.

They got here and they were really nice and it wasn’t until half way through where I realized what a dumb dumb mistake I just made. I pretty much gave someone the keys to our cars and house and I have no idea if they could have made separate copies for themselves when they know exactly where we live!

My wife was out there for the most part (i was inside working) and she said they put some sort of machine into the ignition for the cutout and everything was done in their van but she couldn’t really see inside to see what they were doing.

Could he have saved all of our car key information and made their own key for themselves later? I watched them carefully with our house key at the least so I don’t think they made a duplicate of that.. but is there some sort of machine or info they could’ve saved from copying our Toyotas to make a duplicate key?

Even though they seem like nice older gentlemen, they know where we live and now I feel so damn uneasy realizing how much I fucked up. They do have about 80 reviews on yelp all 5 stars so I’m hoping not to worry so much but I can’t help but think the worst.

Thanks for any responses.

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Delete if not allowed. Does anyone know what kind of lock set this is and if I can get another one? : Locksmith

Well, the dead bolt doesn’t lock immediately when we try to lock it, we have to turn the key and jiggle the handle a few times before it will finally lock, and the handle on the inside falls off when we open the door. So not sure if we need to replace the entire thing or not. What are your thoughts?

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