Trying to fix my shitty lock : Locksmith

(Forgive me for the lack of professional terms as I am not a locksmith, I’m not sure if this is a “lockout” questions since I’m not actually locked out, just frustrated with the shitty lock work by the locksmith) So the other day I broke my door knob and had a local locksmith come and replace the knobs on two doors, one with a lock and another one without (both with hidden screws), after a few weeks, both door knobs became loose and the faceplates were also loose, I was quite annoyed by it so I went on the net and found some videos about tightening lock screws, for the knob without a lock it was pretty easy, just press the detent and pop out the knob, then tighten the screws. However, when I tried to remove the knob with a lock, things were trickier, the inner side with the button was easy, one simple detent pressed and the knob came off, exposing the inner rod thing, but when I tried to screw off the face plate, I found out that with was fixed in place with two long screws, so I moved to the outer side with the lock, however, the detent here had a different shape, it was perpendicular to the door instead of being parallel like the others, I also could not get the detent to budge by pressing on it with a pin, I tried inserting the key and then pushing the detent but it didn’t work, although I can see that the faceplates on this side is screwed on instead of being fixed with two long screws, so theoretically if I removed the knob on this side, I could take the faceplates off and fix the screws. I apologise for the long jabble but I’m really frustrated buy this and I hope you can help me fix it, since I really don’t want to get another locksmith to fix a problem created by a locksmith.

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The night i quit working for a shitty company (storytime) : Locksmith

Had a house lockout at 2am in mt dora florida about 3 years ago. She had a high secuirity lock i had to drill the deadbolt.i get in house.collect payment and leave…😌

I Hop in the car turn the corner and see 6-7 cop cars and hear a helicopter overhead….😯

“wtf somebody is in trouble!” Lol

“Pull over now!”

🤔Hmm now i see dogs…..

Oh…..wait… are yall here for me???? 🤔

Yes yes and yes…long story short i showed them all my stuff…They talked to the homeowner and i went off my way…they let me go no issues.😧

Needless to say if i see a patrol car now im stopping everything im doing regardless of place and setting and giving them my business card 😂

I quit the company because my boss wasn’t answering me, the office wasn’t answering me. I was just out there scared and alone. Making THEM money fuck that. Haven’t looked back since.

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Apparently gatehouse (or some “locksmith”) doesn’t know what macs are or why they’re important. I had a residential eviction today. Started picking and it took me longer than normal for these shitty locks. When I got the knob picked, I pulled it so I could just make a key and unlock the db. 76277 : Locksmith

I am not a locksmith, can someone explain to me why you don’t see cuts like this more often? Seems like it would be a whole lot more secure, adding that OP said it was hard to pick. Every house key I’ve had rarely had cuts with depths that differed more than 1-2 – In other words I’ve always felt my homes would be incredibly easy to bump-key or pick

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