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Greetings Locksmiths,

When I was a kid we had this lock that had a long tubular brass key with notches on four sides. It was about 2 inches long and had a hole at the tip, in the middle of the cylinder. I have never seen any other one like this in over 25 years but I miss this lock as it was pleasing to use: locking and unlocking felt very smooth. Do any of you could identify it only with this poor description? If any of you can, I would love to know if this is considered a good lock because as a kid I felt like this was the most secure lock in the world.

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Possible to disable side button on this mortise lock without disassembling? I’m ok with paying a locksmith to disassemble and remove the buttons if needed, but I notice that the top button has a slot so I’m curious if it could just be disabled. : Locksmith

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Gotcha. Thank you for confirming!

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Keyed lever one side only : Locksmith

We have a security door in my office with keyed lever on both sides. Door is activated remotely by staff pressing a button to unlock the door. Visitors walking in just need to PUSH the door open, but because there is a lever they constantly try to turn the handle, which doesn’t do anything. They get very confused and, for some reason, angry.

I’d like to replace that keyed lever with just a deadbolt cylinder housing since staff still need to enter the premises through that door using the keyed lock. No more handle, no more problem. I’d then put up a push plate.

I’ve searched for a set like this (keyed lever one side, cylinder housing the other) and can’t find any. Is this possible to do with the existing hardware and any cylinder housing? Is there specific replacement set I can purchase and install using the existing cylinders?

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Cannot access the other side and apparently the locking mechanism is broken inside and the handle doesn’t turn all the way. I tried putting a small screwdriver into the pinhole to try to get the door knob off and can’t get anything to release. Please help. : Locksmith

That’s definitely for a detent, not a set screw. This is probably a Defiant or some other cheapo knob.

OP: The detent probably isn’t in line with that little hole so to be able to press it you will likely have to rotate the knob CW or CCW in order to be able to push it in.

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Storefront Door – Center Hung Side Load Arm

Hi Reddit Locksmith folks!

I’m trying to replace a storefront door which is a Center Hung Side Load Arm which is pretty old.

I’m trying to identify a place online or the name of the type of door that uses this as eventually i’ll need to replace it but dont know what to search for.

This is the Center Hung Side Load Arm that is used:


Any help would greatly be appreciated!

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