Is this a sign of forced entry? Is the deadbolt compromised? : Locksmith

I noticed the cover plate on the outside of my deadbolt is missing, exposing back end of the screw holes. This is an apartment complex. I walked around the building and no other door had the plate removed.

Should I be worried that this deadbolt is more vulnerable to being broken into?

Do you think this is a sign of failed forced entry? Vandalism?

Google is not helping me find any examples of this happening. It does not appear to be a common way to break in. I’ve wondered if it some how fell off? I have been washing down my door handles and deadbolt with soap and water due to the coronavirus (which is out of control where I live).

r/Locksmith - Is this a sign of forced entry? Is the deadbolt compromised?

Deadbolt missing cover

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Sign the petition! Stop SELLING to SCAM Locksmiths. : Locksmith

I used to work for a company many would call a scam, including most of you. I never charged beyond what was reasonable in my area unless the customer gave me a reason(rekey in a piss and roach infested shithole, o rely rude or impatient late at night).

I suffered for 2 years making horrible wages and barely getting by, while I bought my own tools and taught myself almost everything I know. I read a lot.

3.5 years later I own all my own equipment and my name has nothing but 5 star reviews and every shop in town(they refer to me ever since I quit). I am a damn fine auto locksmith and I charge whatever I feel like and look everyone square in the eye.

But I’ve also got to tell you, the licensing people are a fucking joke. I unlocked a few dps workers cars. None of them give a flying duck about Israeli companies because on paper they pay their taxes.

Want to solve this problem in a meaningful way? Start making proficiency exams. You will never fix advertising loopholes. You will never fix people undercutting your prices. You will never fix this because the Israelis responded to a problem in our culture and in our legal system.

To tell you the truth a lot of the people that bitch about the scammers are just that, bitching. I’d be happy to speak to anyone about the inner workings of these companies, tell you what you can do about your ads being ripped off etc.

But telling people not to sell to “scam” workers? Fuck right off. Who decides that? I personally love the scam companies because they hire morons with drills that give me a loyal customer base.

TLDR: The measure of a man is the quality of his own work, not the quality of everyone else’s.

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