Inherited (empty) glass curio cabinet, key hidden by relatives, bought skeleton keys on Amazon, found one that “fit” (unsure of forced) and was able to turn, but now cannot get it to turn and come out. : Locksmith

Oh, I know. It’s not my piece. Keys from Amazon were already here when I arrived. And because of the construction of this one, recovering from a back injury, and knowing how we would have to transport it, it just makes me nervous it will break in my hands.

Was pretty upset she had jammed a key in a lock I had already suggested was probably broken.

I’ll have her make an appointment to a locksmith. Thanks.

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Cam anyone help me find 2 more of these locks and the skeleton key? : Locksmith

Hi so I’m in the process of restoring this antique victorian dresser, i was able to easily remove this skeleton key lock, the other two are missing from the mortoises, along with 2 escutcheons, i’m figuring since i have this one lock, I can have a skeleton key fit to match by going to a local locksmith answering that question, but would they have any idea on where to buy this lock? Any info on what this type of lock is called? Anywhere online I can find this particular lock for sale. measurements of the mortoises available if nothing else.

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Lever lock (“skeleton key”) for a 7/8″ cabinet hole? : Locksmith

I’m curious if anyone knows of a ole-tyme style lock that can be swapped in place of something like a Prime-Line U 9947? This is more about style than security, so even a cigar-box style lock would work. Everything I’ve found requires mortising or a larger diameter hole and I’m dealing with a relatively small amount of wood/space in the cabinet I’m trying to repair.

Adding some pictures:

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