Pros, Cons, Everything about residential smart locks? : Locksmith

I’ve got an end-of-year presentation for a networking class I’m taking where we select a technology and go through the impact(positive and negative) on the market/consumers.

I selected ‘Residential Smart Locks’ as my topic out of a few I could think of.

I need help from locksmiths, the guys who install and fix these pieces of hardware. Of course, I will do my own research in tandem with the replies to this post; I want my presentation to be as informative as possible.

So, I ask you all this:

What are the pros, cons, and other bits of information(anecdotes, stories of success or failure) that you all can think of in regards to residential smartlocks?

Thanks in advance for any replies. Seriously, any information will be useful.

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Smart Locks for Folding and Swing Doors : Locksmith

Hi r/Locksmith

Sorry if this the wrong place, I asked this on r/HomeImprovement and wanted to get some more thoughts.

When looking at packages for back patio folding doors plus swing doors for daily use, I notice that the vendors of these products (NanaWall/LaCantina/Western Window Systems/etc…) don’t appear to support to 3rd party cylindrical locks or mortise hardware that are used by smart locks for keyless entries. By smart locks, I mean popular mainstream products such as Kwikset, Yale, August, etc…

Is it possible to configure these types of doors with typical hardware to support smart locks? I was also suggested to look at Adam’s Rite hardware or other access control methods that may end up being more expensive than going with more traditional type doors.

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Weiser smart lock question : Locksmith

1 Make sure the door is open and unlocked. Press and hold the Reset button on the interior assembly for five seconds, until you hear three beeps* and see the keypad flash amber three times.

Then the master code should be 0-0-0-0

Change master code- Master code , lock button, 7 , lock button, new master , lock button.

Add user- Master code , lock button, 1 , lock button, new user , lockbutton.

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Need to replace a Samsung Smart lock (exterior mortise) with a new "dumb" lock, what do I look for?

this is the install spec for the samsung lock I unfortunalty don't even know what to search for when looking for an "analog" replacement. Are there standard sizes. Really don't want to have to replace the door, as its custom.

submitted by /u/jaredzimmerman

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Smart Lock Visible From Inside Only : Locksmith

Hi all, curious if a smart lock that is visible only from the inside exists. I am thinking some sort of smart lock that locks itself when you’re away. Possibly some sort of external indoor lock blocking the door to be swung open. Obviously there are pitfalls with such a item if run via wifi (e.g. no wifi no unlocking) but curious if something like this exists.Thanks.

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opinions on bypassing kwikset smart key lock : Locksmith

First and foremost: Yes. They’re crap.

I’ve been told that if I ever come across them on a lockout, just drill them, because there’s no sense in trying. I know they’re not regular pins, because of the functionality design for the rekeying, but wanted to ask anyway. Opinions?

Hell, while I’m at it, is there a way around those stupid Schlage+ locks without a control key? I typically keep hardware I pull for spare parts if it’s in good working condition, but those I unfortunately have been tossing.

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Just bought a house with an August Smart lock, and the key turns the lock forever without unlocking the deadbolt? : Locksmith

Hi guys–I’m having a hard time finding a solution online, since most support is for sticky keys and is for issues that can be solved with WD-40. I’ve just bought a home and the previous owners had an August Smart Lock on the deadbolt (which they left for me). It works fine from inside and effectively locks the deadbolt, but when taking the key to the outside, the key will spin forever in the lock without unlocking the door. Because this key is good for all the locks (garage, door handle lock, patio), I’d prefer not to replace all the locks, but I”m wondering if this is familiar to someone here who can help me learn how to fix it? Relying just on the smart lock and garage door opener makes me a little nervous vs. having a physical key I can unlock my door with. Thanks!

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