Calling all ‘smiths to solve a mystery. : Locksmith

I’ve got a coworker, fellow licensed locksmith, that is in a situation where someone is getting into an apartment with no signs of forced entry. The front door lock was changed out to two Mul-t-lok 006 keyway, on a jimmy-proof deadbolt and a mortise lock. There are no other ways into the apartment: 13th Floor, fire escape is not attached. This is a former significant other with no known locksmithing experience, that’s getting in and is stealing items and shitting on the floor.

Does anyone have any ideas how this person could be getting in? I’ve seen people pick mul-t-lok cylinders but I highly doubt this person is capable. Or are there vulnerabilities that would allow someone to bypass two jimmy-proof lock and mortise body with two mul-t-lok cylinders that I’m missing?

All are welcome to message me if you have an answer, where I’ll provide my license. Thanks to everyone in advance, we are completely stumped.

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