Does anyone have any idea what this is? I assume it is some sort of locksmith tool- thumbwheel with adjustable chuck : Locksmith

We have one of those, master has padlocks with universal pins (they have serration lines pre cut into them) so you can take a customers existing key with the new lock and place it into that tool, then as you tighten the nut on the base it’s pushing the cylinder into the padlock body and shearing off the pins to suit. They are handy if you have someone who already has a bunch of keyed alike master locks with the same profile that these come in and they want to get more. We call it ‘crunching’ I don’t believe that’s the technical term but it does make a crunch sound when you do it

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Locksmithing as some sort of weird game : Locksmith

Hello everyone:

I’m sure it’s not just me… Has anyone had any experiences in locksmithing where it feels like some sort of weird game? Let me give you a few examples:

  • Customer brings in an old box with a 3-digit combo for us to decode. We take the the box in, let them know we will call for pickup. A short time later, I’m inspecting the box and find a number written on the bottom. Of course it works as the combo.

  • Customer wants me to rekey his house, but he lost the front door keys. I’m trying and trying to pick the lock, doesn’t fucking work. Drop one of my picks and it almost falls through the gap between the wood on his deck. I notice something below; it’s a key. I fish it out and it works for the front door.

  • At a job where I have to rekey a house and make keys for an old Triumph TR8. I’m working at getting the ignition lock off and drop a screw. I’m looking for the screw and I find a set of keys under the floor mat. Between the two keys, they worked in all the locks.

  • Customer brings in a safe that they forgot the combo to. I’m waiting for our safe tech and just spinning the dial, attempting to hear anything. I have pressure on the handle. When tne dial gets to 50, the safe opens. Upon inspection, someone had remove the wheel pack.

So those are just a few examples of something that happened to me where it feels like it would have been a scenario in a game. I actually wanted to be a locksmith when I was a kid because of a game (Heroes Quest), so these sort of situations always bring a huge stupid grin to my face.

Has anyone here experienced anything similar?

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Trying to sort through my moms stuff since she passed away. We cant figure out how to work this lock and no attachment for the lock has been found. I would appreciate any help! It is an antique cedar chest I was always told it was from the late 1890’s to early 1900’s. : Locksmith

Try pushing it in or turning it 90 degrees, look for an extra button near it, may need to press and twist that as well. My parents cedar chest has a lock thats a twist button/pressure thing, gotta push down on the top while doing it or it wont work. I havnt seen these before but id just mess with it till something happens lol

If all else fails we can threaten it with student loans and see if it opens from there

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