Source for schlage compression cylinders in kw1 kwy?

Customer came in with a plug for an F series compressible cylinder in kw1 keyway (sorry no pictures) looking for more of them, and a quick search of allegion catalogue and my distributors show nothing like it. Does anyone know where i can get a compressible cylinder in kw1 keyway? Or maybe its an off brand knock off that i wont be able to get a cylinder for?

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Anyone have a source for key blanks for a B&O railroad lock? : Locksmith

I have the Adlake version of this lock with an original key along with one made out of a piece of copper tubing. I could possibly source you an original key, I am a collector as well as a locksmith. The last collecting show was cancelled because of COVID and unsure if the summer show will happen. is the American Lock Collectors Association.

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