I might be stupid but who knows? There were no exterior screws that I could find the key didn’t allow access to any hidden holes or special tricks, if anyone knows how this was suppose to be properly removed I would love to know. : Locksmith

It’s a Lori Lock. When on a door, remove the 2 screws on the bolt plate (edge of the door) and the plate can be removed with the rest of the bolt staying in the door. To the sides of the bolt are 2 narrow holes, which reach all the way back to the 2 set screws visible in your third image. Loosen those with an Allen key and Bob’s your auntie.

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Special tool for Anderson Hickey file cabinet lock?

Special tool for Anderson Hickey file cabinet lock?

I've got a broken filing cabinet lock I need to remove, but it looks like there is a special tool required (see the "bolt" highlighted in the photo). Any idea what tool is required?


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Deadbolt with spindle/cam attached to thumbturn…does it have a special name? : Locksmith

I wish I had found this subreddit a few weeks ago when I was trying to install a smart lock. I ordered an August Gen3 smartlock, the kind that replaces the thumbturn on the deadbolt, so you don’t have to completely replace the lock.

I thought everything was on track…my lock seemed to match the ‘compatible’ locks picture…until I removed the thumbturn on the back side of the door. The way the August smart lock (and other similar setups) work is by sitting on top of the spindle/cam (I think that’s the right name), and then using a small integrated motor to turn the spindle and unlock the lock. Except, when I unscrewed and removed the thumbturn from my door, the spindle came with it!

In my case, the spindle appears to be permanently attached to the thumbturn, rather than the lock cylinder; there’s a hole on the back of the lock cylinder that the spindle slides into, but since it’s fixed to the thumbturn, the smart lock setup I had hope to use won’t work.

So, finally, I’ll get to my point…is there a special name for these deadbolts? Where the spindle is attached to the thumbturn, instead of the lock cylinder? It seems like a backwards setup from all of the other single deadbolt examples I’ve seen, but I’d like to know if it has a special name so I can keep an eye out for it on compatibility lists for future smart locks that I look for.

TL;DR – most single deadbolts seem to have the lock spindle/cam attached to the lock cylinder, with the thumbturn fitting over the top…is there a special name when the spindle is attached to the thumbturn instead?

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